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Kerri and Stacy do their own Active Park commercial, complete with Kerri saying, "Gotta get me a Ford Focus!" The shadows are getting long as they head inside and I guess if you're this far behind, sucking up to the sponsor can't hurt.

Bopper and Mark have finally reached the Lingotto building and Bopper volunteers to take the Roadblock. Bopper goes over and starts working the lever of his rappelling thingy up and down, thinking it works like a ratchet. No, that's just for going up, but at least it shows that he's seen previous seasons. Eventually he figures it out and reaches the clue while Mark is still running down, telling him, "Come on, Driving Miss Daisy." Soon they're off to the museum, and then Bopper will try to drive Mark to the sto'.

Art and JJ are closing in on the Pit Stop. Art seems to think it's a theater, so it has to be a big building. I don't know much more Italian than Mark and Bopper do, but I suspect that a "Castello" has something to do with a castle. Indeed, it's a Soviet-sized square in front of a castle right in the middle of town. They grab their packs from the trunk and go running through the streets and across the crowded square to where Phil is standing with an unshaven greeter, who tells them, "Welcome to Torino, Italy!" Big hugs all around and Phil joins in with a round of Fonzie-like "Aayyyy!"s. They're team number one, and their prize is five thousand dollars each. After the leg, JJ says they want to win three in a row. "And I say that humbly, because trust me, the race is gnarly. And it takes you from the highs to the lows and it's rapid." I'm not sure I believe JJ when he says he's being humble, but at least if they keep winning legs this far ahead I don't have to watch them for the second half of the episode.

Nary shows Jamie the penny while she's driving and they can see the spire up ahead, some distance away but clearly visible over the other buildings. Vanessa and Ralph are also closing in, as are Joey "Fitness" and Danny, who are actually the first team to get there. Other Rachel and Dave show up next, Dave telling her, "We need to remedy the situation." "Yeah, stop talking," Rachel agrees. "Let's just have that." That probably wasn't what Dave had in mind, which is probably more along the lines of he acts how he wants and she shuts up and takes it. Inside, Team Jersey is riding up a spectacular atrium in the glass elevator, chatting up the woman trapped in there with them, who is already looking exhausted with them. They ride all the way to the observation deck on top, and find a bundle of clues tied to a rail post. They quickly claim one, cueing Phil's explanation of the Detour. For "Clean That Statue," Phil is suddenly at Turin's version of Fountains of Wayne, where people in Tyvek suits are using pressure washers to clean the manky brown grime off of statues. Phil says this covers "the methods to maintain the city treasures," not that the racers are going to get anywhere near those. No, they'll just use pressure washers and scrub brushes to clean the identical statues of women in the yard of this warehouse. "Name That Salami," on the other hand, requires teams to go to "Gastronomia Salumeria," taste 14 different salamis cut up into cubes, then walk a half mile to a piazza where they'll have to identify the same salamis in unsliced form by taste in order to get their next clue from the "salamiera." Because watching people taste things always makes for riveting television. Joey "Fitness" and Danny go for washing the statue, without even realizing she's going to be a hot chick.

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