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Phil welcomes us AsunciĆ³n, the capital of Paraguay. "And on top of one of the city's seven hills," he tells us, "the famous stairs of Antiquera." Wow, that hill looks a lot bigger in the aerial shot than it did with the racers running up it last week, probably because they were already most of the way up. Of course, these allegedly famous steps are also the start of the fourth leg of the race. Border Patrol agents Art and JJ, having won the previous leg, get to leave first at 5:10 PM. Looks like a bright, sunny afternoon at the start of a leg for once. Art rips the clue and they seem pretty excited about getting to fly to Turin, Italy. Phil tells us that's a 6,000-mile flight to "Italy's motor city." The irony is that he says this over shots of exotic cars, but when they get there, they'll just have to pick one of the regular old Ford Foci waiting at the airport. Each team will drive one to the Lingotto building, an odd-looking structure topped by a glass dome and a huge round cantilevered helipad sticking out next to it on one side, so it looks like a giant robot waiter buried to its armpits. That's where they'll find their next clue. Art and JJ hop into a cab and head for the travel agency. "We really don't think that we should be anything but number one every leg," JJ boasts. "There's nobody that has the intellect and strength that we do to win." They're going to be one of those teams that goes down so hard. They arrive at a travel agency, where Art busts out some of his Spanish to ask about flights to Turin. The agent tells them in subtitled Spanish that the next flight leaves at 9:15 in the morning and arrives in Turin at 10:35 the morning after that. Not counting the four-hour time difference, that's more than 21 hours of travel. What is this, Buddy Holly airlines? I can only assume there are one or more connecting flights along the way that we don't need to know about. The Border Patrol agents are bummed out, clearly having expected to hold onto their multi-hour lead into the next leg. By the time they arrive at the airport, it's getting dark. "There's another team!" JJ cries out in alarm. "Where?" asks a shocked Art, but. JJ was just messing with him. Okay, that was a good one.

In fact, the second-place team, Brendon and Rachel, doesn't even leave the Pit Stop until 9:59 PM, nearly five hours after the Border Patrol did. In the cab to the travel agency, Brendon says that maybe the race can serve as a preview of their honeymoon. Normally I'd call out the dickishness of assuming that any post-wedding trip they might plan could compare to racing around the world, Big Brother prize money or no. But we'll be finding out later that his preview theory is probably truer than he realizes, just in a completely different way.

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