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Josh & Brent are in the caves, shushing each other and soon finding the musicians. They get the Detour clue in third place and decide to do Spin It. Where the Chippendales are at work, joking about how they like to do windmill repair in their downtime. "We're a full-service agency," James says. "Multidimensional," Jaymes agrees. They seem to have both their blades attached and after Jaymes asks the repairman, "Esta bien? (Is it good?)" they descend back to ground level and take a clue envelope from where it's been impaled on the point of Quixote's lance. That's the very weapon that used to be aimed at windmills, not used to reward those who repair them. Don Quixote totally sold out, man. He used to stand for something, but now he's in the pocket of Big Wind just like everyone else. Anyway, the Chippendales are in first place as the next clue sends them to the Pit Stop, which Phil says is a 14th century fortress, "Castell de Bellver, which means The Castle With The Lovely View." Yeah, the name sounds a little more prosaic in English, I'm afraid. Might as well call it The Castle That's The Size Of A Small Town, because that would also apply. He adds that it was originally a royal residence, but was a prison for more than 200 years. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." But at least they'll have a lovely view when it happens.

The twins find the musicians, whose fingers seem to be getting tired after hours of playing, going by the sound of it. They decide to go with the windmill Detour. "Now don't get bloody lost," Natalie says.

Lexi seems to have pulled herself together, but she's not getting back in the front of the bull again. This time she gives the directions, while Trey runs in front. They're still slower than a real bull and each matador even calls out a drawn-out "Ooooole!" as they run past. Finally they get to the ninth target and Lexi tells Trey to just barely tap it. Which he does, sending the matador mannequin flying, and they're done with 45 seconds left on the clock. The matadors cheer them as they collect their Pit Stop clue from the picador. They get directions to there from someone in town and are soon on their way, currently in second place.

The goat famers make it to the windmill task and are busy getting geared up when the twins roll in -- almost literally -- Natalie yelling at Nadiya from the back seat to "Park, you fool!" See, Nadiya overshot the entrance to the parking area because the Beekmans and their guides were standing near it and she wasn't confident in her ability to not run over all of them. "Can you hurry up? We have a chance to actually not lose!" Natalie bitches while Nadiya backs up to try again. Josh interviews, "Whatever competitive drive that I have really did kick in when the twins pulled up. I knew in my heart that we were better at this than they would be and that they were obviously having some troubles." That's a nice way to put it, as the twins manage to struggle their way into the parking lot and run back to the waiting repairmen.

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