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Team Austin and the Chippendales get to the caves at about the same time, and decide to enter all together, because it's The Amazing Tour Group now. They enter the caves and admire the scenery, listening for music as they wander the narrow, winding paths. Soon they find their way to the two guitarists, and Jaymes invites Trey and Lexi to open theirs first, since they were in the lead. The Amazing Editors didn't get that memo though, because the subtitle says the Chippendales are currently in first place and Team Austin in second as they read, "Spin It or Bull It." Cut to Phil on a high hilltop that spectacularly overlooks the Mediterranean as he says this is a choice "between two aspects of life on the island of Mallorca." For Spin It, they teams will have to "repair" a 400-year-old windmill, which actually just entails climbing the mill tower and attaching two lightweight blades to a wheel that already has more than a dozen in place. I'm pretty sure the blades themselves aren't that old. "When the repairman feels the blades are ready to spin, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza will hand them their next clue." Yep, there are the two Cervantes characters, burro and all. I do like when the race gets literary, even though it usually seems wasted on most of the racers. For "Bull It," they'll go into a thousand-year-old bullfighting arena (which actually does look that old) "and become a bull." Better than killing one. Or, as seems more likely, vice versa. They'll have to put on a two-person bull costume and run an obstacle course consisting of bullfighters, moving past the capes of eight numbered matadors in the correct order before hitting a bulls-eye marked 9, which will slingshot a matador dummy into the air. And they'll have two minutes to do it, in which case "this picador" (actually a pouty kid with a lance who's slouching on a horse behind Phil) will give them their next clue. Back in the caves, the two lead teams decide to go with the matador task on the basis that it sounds easier to find and leave the guitarists to their work, playing what I think was the same song that played over the b-roll of Barcelona earlier. They're no Rodrigo y Gabriela, but they're not bad.

Josh & Brent are negotiating a roundabout, with a little bickering. Brent snaps at Josh for his backseat driving and says, "Are you glad that's over?" Yes, Josh says meekly, though it's not clear whether he means the task, the roundabout or the verbal dressing-down he just got. Either way the answer's the same, I suppose.

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