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Riding through the countryside, Josh is telling Brent that his foot is feeling much better, probably as a result of having it elevated while on the ferry all night. "So that's not an excuse, is what you're saying," Brent clarifies. His solicitousness is so touching. Meanwhile, Nadiya's foot is not doing a very good job of keeping their car moving and as a result they seem to still be in Palma de Mallorca. Was her driving lesson only in the classroom?

James successfully returns 20 balls on his second try and he gets a lot of cheering from Jaymes as well as their clue in second place. The goat farmers drive into the parking lot and are circling around as Jaymes tries to hurry James out of there, but not before telling Brent where to go in. Once the Chippendales are underway, Jaymes asks the last time James played tennis. "Uh, fifth grade," James says. "I am not a well-rounded athlete, if you haven't noticed." You mean a perfect Chippendale body doesn't automatically translate to athletic prowess? Good, now I feel better about not having one.

Behind them, Josh volunteers to get smashed. Uh-oh. As they head outside, Brent narrates, "Neither of us have played tennis in, like, the last twenty-five years," and he tells us that he's taking Josh at his word about his ankle being better. Brent tells Josh from the sidelines that he can do it, but Josh is only a few balls in before saying, "There's no way." Though not because of his ankle, but because of how fast they're coming at him. He manages to hit one back, but reinjures his ankle on that step. He interviews that he had briefly forgotten the injury until planting that foot hurt it all over again. That would be a rude reminder. He's soon struggling even harder, yelling in pain with each swing. "Sounds like Monica Seles out there on the court," Brent snarks. He goes on, getting all of four balls before the machine is empty, as Brent continues, "We've talked the entire race about how he needs to work on controlling his anxiety levels... of course, he hasn't gotten them under control after 42 years of life, so I don't know if he'll accomplish it on the race." Even with such a calming, supportive partner?

Trey & Lexi are in a town when they stop for directions. "Trey's headed towards the coves and we'll get there in no time," Lexi says confidently. All this confidence the editors are showing from them can't possibly bode well.

Josh is up to nine balls, even pulling off a nice backhand, but he runs out after his tenth. He sits down and says he doesn't think he'll ever get it. Brent quietly agrees. Well, it wouldn't be the first time this team guys failed a task, Brent.

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