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After the lead group has driven away from the cathedral, Josh & Brent show up and belatedly wade into the crowd of screaming demons and get their clue, with all the attendant fireworks that even in daylight flare up on camera. The monsters get less scary after they've been helpful enough to provide a clue, and Brent even tries to hug one. Yeah, these may just be locals in costume, but they're staying in character and they do not hug. "Thank you, devils," they call out as they leave, tipping a friendly wave to the hellspawn chasing their car out of the lot.

On the road, Lexi tells Trey from the back seat that the twins are no longer behind them and wonders what became of them. Jaymes is wondering the same thing and James remarks, "This is definitely a whole different ballgame now, with self-navigating." That's simply an absurd thing to hear, ten legs in. "Sri Lanka's part of our one-two-three group," Jaymes frets, which is even more absurd when there are four teams left. The twins appear to still be back in the island's main town of Palma De Mallorca with their car motionless, as they wonder which way the others went. Natalie says Nadiya dropped the ball. "Should have taken extra driving lessons." In an interview, she explains that this was the plan and Nadiya claims she took one lesson and it seemed easy, but now their car is just lurching along the pavement as though she's pedaling it. The situation is serious enough to bring on a suspenseful commercial break, but after we come back, we see just a little more of their car holding up traffic and making terrible noises until she gets it moving properly. Though who knows how long that actually took. The Beekmans, however, seem to have been able to clear out of town, with Brent at the wheel. Josh says this was the first leg where they had to drive and read a map. Still ridiculous.

The Chippendales and Team Austin make to the sports complex, and on an indoor tennis court is a silver trophy cup with clues arranged in it. "Who wants to get smashed?" Trey reads from the Roadblock clue. I'd think they all would by this point, but Phil narrates, "Manacor is known as the hometown of world tennis great, Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay." After seeing an action photo of the man himself making a derp-face while swinging a racket, we witness Phil standing on a red clay court as his body mic picks up the sound of a whacked tennis ball jetting just feet past his head and he says, "Teams will now get a chance to test their skills on his clay court." Two for flinching, Phil. He explains that each racer will pick a tennis pro and a basket of balls and then hit twenty balls back from a high-powered serving machine -- in-bounds, mind you -- before their basket is empty. Not sure where the pro comes in, but Phil concludes, "If they can keep their shots in play, the umpire will hand them their next clue." The two lead teams head outside to the clay courts and this Roadblock's going to Trey and James, while Jaymes and Lexi head up to the stands to watch. Turns out Trey is actually a tennis player, so he's feeling pretty confident about this one. The machine starts launching... and he starts missing. But there's a green tennis ball in the corner of the screen with his name over it and as he starts hitting balls back, the zero superimposed inside the ball changes to a 1, a 2 and a 3. He even looks like a tennis player out there, not least because of the ever-present bandana around his head, which the Chippendales remark on. James begins the challenge as well, but his start is slower, as he manages to hit back one ball and then go, "Man!" a lot as he misses most of the rest. Meanwhile, Trey finishes on his first try, so they've got their clue in first place, which Lexi is pretty happy about. Now they'll drive themselves to Coves de Campanet, which appears to be a labyrinthine limestone cave filled with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. They'll need to follow the sound of music -- specifically, two guitarists playing deep inside the cave -- to their next clue. Meanwhile, James has managed to hit back six of his balls before the server is empty, so it looks like he and Jaymes will have a little more time before they have to worry about that part.

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