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At the ferry terminal, the Chippendales and the twins have a joyous reunion in the doorway, so it's good nobody was trying to get in or out of the building. At the ticket window, Jaymes finds out that the next boat to Mallorca leaves at 11:00 PM, so there's going to be a full bunch after all, even if it's after the flying happens. They get their tickets and start wandering around town as Jaymes says Barcelona is "a great city to get stuck in." Trey & Lexi meet them out on the street, and there's a whole other round of joyful reunions. Lexi talks about the triumph of the previous leg's U-Turn, and they decide to kill a few hours together playing on the beach and in the surf. Welcome to The Amazing Bunch Of Friends On A Backpacking Trip, everyone.

Later in the afternoon, they return to the ferry terminal to see Josh and Brent waiting. You won't believe this, but there's more hugging. Josh is the first one who stands up, bad foot and all, while the other teams happily swarm them. Josh says it's great to be with the other teams again. And finally, all the teams are back in it for the first time since Istanbul. Let's make a race out of this now, you idiots.

The ship casts off at night -- with the racers at the rail like it's The Love Boat -- and it arrives in Mallorca early the next morning. We cut right to the teams on the street securing cabs, the goat farmers apparently in the lead. "Searching for Lucifer at seven o'clock in the morning, I don't know how I feel about that," Jaymes says in the back of his taxi with James. The rest of the teams are also on the move to the cathedral, which is apparently called Dalt Murada. Josh and Brent are actually the first team to arrive at a place by that name, but it's a museum and it's pretty quiet. There are no devils, demons, imps, incubi, succubae or other creatures of the underworld of any kind in sight. They ask a guy who works there if there's anything else in town by that name and he helpfully shows them on a map. The good news is that they don't seem too far off. Unless that's a very small-scale map.

The other three teams get to the right place on the first try. However ,the screaming, hollering, fire-slinging, in-your-face-getting demons swarming the steps of the cathedral are more than a little intimidating and there's no sign of a clue. They run through the crowd of terrifying figures until they find one brandishing a yellow envelope, which they collect and read while fireworks go off. I'm sure that would look more impressive at night, but it's plenty loud, at least. The clue tells them to drive themselves to Centro De Alto Rendimiento. For now, all I can say for sure about the place is that it looks like is includes an indoor tennis court and the next clues are there. They run around back to where a fleet of product-placed Ford Foci are waiting for them. "Nadi, stick. You're driving," Natalie says, and Nadiya gamely responds, "Bloody hell." The three lead teams all climb into their cars and decide to stick together, finding directions on the way. Jaymes nominates Trey to take the lead. Watching this the first time, I'm 99% sure this is the first time these teams have had to drive themselves anywhere since leaving LAX. Which is pretty ridiculous, really. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them have forgotten how to drive a car.

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