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Trey & Lexi are beginning the leg in third place, and they're feeling pretty good, confident and ready for anything... which means they're probably about due for a good hard screwing.

At the airport, the Chippendales get tickets on a 7:20 flight to Barcelona. They're feeling good about their chances of making it to the final three. Indeed, they do seem to have gotten a better sense of how to actually race than they had in the first half of the season. And then Trey & Lexi arrive at the airport and board a 7:55 flight to Barcelona. This is the worst early-leg airport bunching ever, as Amazing Yellow, Green and Blue lines head south across Europe while Phil narrates, "The first three teams are now all making their way to Barcelona, Spain." Where some Amazing Editing of the city's narrow streets and spectacular sea views accompany some Amazing Flamenco Guitar on the soundtrack. Natalie and Nadiya are the first to land, and they immediately class the place up by saying, "Let's do it, beyotch." They take a taxi to the ferry terminal, which they reach at 9:00 AM and learn that the ticket window opens at 10:00 AM. Ah, here comes the bunch.

Back in Ransdorp, Josh & Brent are starting their leg at 9:38 AM. "We have been playing catch-up for the last three legs," Josh interviews. "Can you believe we're one of the last four teams?" Not really. In fact, in a normal season they probably would have been gone several legs ago. Brent says they've had good luck, bad luck and dumb luck, but Josh says they have to be doing something right... though he doesn't know what it is. Racing against people with all bad luck? That's my theory. Josh says it's tough to not see any other people racing, which I never thought about, but it must be demoralizing. Like retracing a past Amazing Race season while watching it on DVDs or something. Josh limps out of the taxi van at the airport as Brent narrates that Josh hurt himself in the previous leg while running to the ditch-vaulting Roadblock, as we see in a black-and-white flashback. Which is so much more embarrassing than just hurting your foot actually ditch-vaulting. It's like coming home from a skiing trip with a cast on your leg and having to tell everyone you fell down the stairs. In the terminal, Josh shows off his bandaged, swollen ankle and Brent decides to become his Lamaze coach, demonstrating how to breathe through the pain and everything. Josh interviews that there's always one team that somehow makes to the end even as everyone wonders why. "Rarely do they win, but occasionally they have." At least this team is on a plane now.

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