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I think they'll be okay, though, because when they get to the mat in last place, Phil is uncharacteristically chatty. "What happened today?" he asks. They explain how they couldn't drive, get directions or screw nuts and bolts in. "Pretty depressing," they conclude. Phil says he's going to put them in a better mood, because this is a non-elimination leg. Not exactly a shock, because the last two legs wouldn't have been the same three teams. The twins hug each other happily, and Phil warns them that they'll have a Speed Bump coming up some time in the next leg. "Even though we were smiling we were really depressed," Natalie assures Phil. They interview that there's nowhere to go from here but up. Well, and also out. "And hopefully there's not bloody driving 'cause then we'd be screwed," Natalie says. "No, now I got it," Nadiya says, earning scoffs from her sister. Yeah, I think I actually would have missed them.

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