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As another team approaches, Phil bends down to guide the figure's pointing hand in the right direction to mark the approach of Jaymes & James. "This guy ain't got no head," Jaymes says, displaying the keen powers of observation any successful Amazing Racer needs. Phil tells them they're team number two and asks, "Is there anybody on this race who is more motivated to win than you guys?" James says it's about the health of their loved ones and Jaymes says the million dollars could change their world and their families' world. I guess I'm rooting for them after all.

Brent admits that his and Josh's problem is that they second-guess each other and argue, but that hasn't been the case on this task. I think what that actually means is that Brent second-guesses Josh, but right now he isn't. Natalie and Nadiya are having the opposite experience on what one of the sisters grumblingly calls their "old-ass windmill." Josh & Brent finish up, get their work checked, head back to ground level, get their clue from Don Quixote and depart for the Pit Stop. Back in the car, Brent says that was teamwork. "I guess the two of us are better than each one separate," he adds, as if Josh suggested otherwise. "That's why we've been together for fourteen years," Josh says. From across the farm, the twins can see the goat farmers' car leaving in a cloud of dust, which makes them certain that they're now in last place and this is why you plan ahead. "Not just bloody pin the tail on the damn donkey all the time." They agree that they suck. Well, at least they've stopped bickering.

Josh & Brent arrive at the mat as team number three. "I have seen you limp, collapse, faint, fall down," Phil says to Josh. "And you're still here." Josh says for the first time that they might actually win. For the first time, I can almost see that myself. Almost. "It's just hard to kill us, I think," Josh says. Yes, like the Road Runner. They're just obliviously doing their thing while all around them, other teams keep vanishing into little dust clouds at the bottom of the canyon.

"I can't believe the gimpy guys did this," one of the twins carps from atop their windmill. "We could have beat the gays here and we didn't so, mucho wasto time-o." Hearing that, Fordham University's Spanish department begins exploring legal options. In an interview, they talk about how they never saw the goat farmers as a factor and it was their own screw-ups that caused this defeat. "There was no master plan against us. Nobody was plotting against us. We did this all by ourselves to ourselves." Their work is checked and approved and on their way down, one of them says, "If we get eliminated, we only have ourselves to blame." At least they're owning it, unlike some other teams.

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