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Phil informs us, "Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and has been nicknamed the Venice of the North for its extensive canals." Yup... there they are, all right. Unlike Venice's canals, however, they appear to be behaving themselves. Of course, Phil isn't even in Amsterdam right now, but a 16th century farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, "rumored to be the home of Rembrandt's mistress." Clearly Phil wasn't hired for his discretion. "It is now the start of the tenth leg in a race around the world." It's the last quarter, y'all. I'm getting pretty familiar with last quarters, since that's usually what CBS is broadcasting when I turn it on at the time 60 Minutes is supposed to start.

So Natalie & Nadiya, who won the previous leg, are the first to leave at 2:55 AM. Yikes, that'll teach you to get in hours ahead of everyone else. The other three teams are all still sleeping, you chumps. One of the twins struggles with the name of an island off Spain, but Phil steps in to explain that they'll now be flying to Barcelona, "Famous for its extensive Catalan art nouveau architecture." Right, that's what I always think of. Not the Olympics or Mission: Impossible 2. But they won't be staying there long; they'll catch an overnight ferry to the island of Mallorca, the place one of the twins couldn't pronounce. "Once there, they'll encounter a traditional Mallorcan spectacle," Phil understates, over shots of people in demon costumes cavorting noisily around a cathedral and literally playing with fire. "One of these devils has their next clue." Will the racers need to exchange their souls for it? As the twins head for what is presumably Ransdorp's all-night taxi stand, we hear them interview about how they deserve to be in the top three. "Our main goal was not to get kicked out first and now we've come so far." Mainly they want to hold onto their lead and make it to the final leg, which is only two legs away. We see them arriving at the airport and not only book tickets, but actually get on a 6:00 AM flight before the other teams even start the leg, when normally they'd have to wait around the terminal for twelve to eighteen hours until the next flight, giving all the other teams plenty of time to catch up. Okay, I take back what I said about them being chumps.

Jaymes & James start the leg before the twins' official departure time, but just barely; 5:57 AM, by which time the sun has risen. Jaymes talks about how in the previous leg they U-Turned their "friends, "Abbie & Ryan, but they don't yet know if they went home. They seem to know someone did though, because James wonders who the fourth team is going to be. They're worried about an awkward moment that isn't going to happen until the first cast reunion. And it's not like this show's even on Bravo.

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