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Dana mutters, "Please don't fall," across the wide gulf separating her from her husband. Dan and Jordan at last get to check in as team number eight. "Tomorrow is a new day," Jordan says magnanimously. Dana says she loves Adrian even more, since she knows how much he's hurting right now.

Louie and Michael are stunned to hear they're team number nine. Phil asks if they'll let those young racers beat them, and they promise it won't happen again. Two full tasks behind everyone else, Adrian is shaking on his cable again, and once again he goes toppling off. Hard to see how they'll recover from this. They both say he tried, and she says she's proud of him for trying his hardest. What, he's not going to make a third go of it?

Jody and Shannon reach the mat and are told, "You're going to be racing another leg of the race." Maybe even two, but who wants to go that far out on a limb? Phil asks Shannon if she's worried about her grandmother, and she really isn't. And from what we've seen so far, why would she be? As long as there aren't a lot more balance-intensive tasks, that is.

Dana and Adrian are reunited on one of the cable-walking platforms, awaiting their fate, as he says they're hoping for non-elimination. And here comes Phil, which I don't recall him ever having to do in a season premiere before. He says all the teams have checked in, and he's sorry to tell them they've been eliminated. "That's not good," Dana says over their unnecessary subtitle reading, "Dana & Adrian -- Last Place." "We're not happy about that." Phil asks Dana what it says about Adrian that he went and tried again. Dana calls him an iron man (he certainly moved on that cable like he was made of iron), and she knows he's beating himself up. He says in an interview that it was gut-wrenching not to be able to finish. Dana adds. "We have had life challenges that that cable can't even mount up to." Adrian says they have each other. And I hope that they have also had some successes in their life that they haven't mentioned, because from all we know about them, they're pretty much batting zero right now.

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