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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

In the cab with Sarah, Terence complains about how hard that was, trying to suck powdered color out of his sinuses and then spitting it out the cab window. Sarah, though largely unmarked, is suitably grossed out. I'm kind of surprised she still has the capacity for that. But then, they are "newly dating."

Waiting by the sidelines, Andrew gets hit with some dye dust of his own, although he's a good sport about it. I want to know how he's remaining so consistently stoned on this race. Dan returns with the clue, and Andrew asks, "How'd you get it so quick?" "I'm good," Dan explains as they open their clue. In their cab on the way to the Bird Hospital, they talk about how great it was that they got to pass Team Divorced, and they plan to stay ahead of them from now on. Considering that Kelly and Christy have dropped from second to fifth before the first commercial break, that doesn't seem like it would be too hard for any team other than the Frat Boys. Meanwhile, Team Divorced and their utterly schmutzed camera have just secured another empty envelope. You know how a lot of tasks like this become harder for the trailing teams, because there are fewer of the items they're looking for and more of the items they're not? Kelly and Christy are totally throwing off that calculus here.

Ken and Tina are still in the cab en route to the Road Block, hoping to make up some time.

Kelly runs into the festival again, but with all the crap she's holding over her face for "protection," she can barely see. So she trips and goes down screaming, face first in a fuchsia snowdrift. She limps back to Christy, saying she can't do it. "I'll seriously die," she claims, blowing her nose. Or maybe she means "dye." I'm not sure.

After a commercial break, Christy tells Kelly she can do it for a million dollars. Christy is handling her stressed-out partner very well -- not pushing Kelly too hard, not minimizing the difficulty of the challenge, just not letting her give up, either. Then they hit on the idea of, you know, READING THE CLUE, and now that Kelly knows she's looking for a marked envelope to bring back, she's able to make her return to the madness, knowing this will be her last trip. Christy is yelling encouragement at her, when suddenly some partiers close in on her with water cannons and dye, and she fails to dart out of range. "Crap! That sucks," she says, having been rendered virtually tie-dyed. Finally, Kelly returns with an actual clue, so now all they have to do is find a cab to the Bird Hospital, looking like a couple of demented clowns. How hard can that be?

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