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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Kelly's rather a frightening sight for the just-arriving Terence and Sarah, as they realize that one of them is probably going to come out of it looking like this. The difference is that they will not then run back in. Sarah encourages Terence to do it, and he reluctantly agrees, but not without his usual ritual of demanding validation. "Who's my girl?" he asks. "You are," she says, and kisses him. "No, I am!" she corrects. I think she had it right the first time. She hollers encouragement after him as he runs full-speed into the fray. He quickly reaches a ladder, while Kelly comes back with a wrong envelope again. While Terence is still looking for a right envelope, Kelly has returned to Christy with her third empty one. The lens on the camera following her looks like it's been through a war, or, at the very least, a warranty-voiding event. Meanwhile, Terence finds the right envelope and heads back to Sarah.

Outside, Dan and Andrew are asking their cabbie to wait. "It's Dandrew," say Team Divorced as the Frat Boys enter the park. Terence sprints through the park, roughly pushing past people on his way back to Sarah. Seriously, he nearly knocks over a dude who's only crime was standing in a space Terence wanted to run through. You know how in the movies, the good guy runs through crowds, trying to weave through the innocent bystanders, while the bad guys pursuing him seem to go out of their way to flatten people? I think we just got the final ruling on whether Terence is a good guy or a bad guy. Anyway, they read their clue and get ready to leave, while Christy and Kelly are amazed at how quickly they finished. Two places down, two to go. "Are we doin' something wrong?" one of them asks. Almost always, but as usual, they don't carry the thought any further. As Terence and Sarah go back to their cab, she tells him, "You did awesome." "I know," he grumps back. I have to say, the red dye covering his skin really brings out his Satan.

And Kelly runs back in yet again. Dan is taking it for the Frat Boys, and he lopes in, doing his best to dodge the stuff flying at him, which isn't so great. He doesn't get it nearly as bad as Kelly, though. Dan describes the scene in an interview: "The Road Block was like a wild rave party, except there weren't any hot blonde girls walking around. It was a sausage fest of guys." Throughout his irreverent little monologue, the music guys throw in a couple of wacky percussion effects: "No he didn't!" "Yes he did!"

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