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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Nick and Starr's cab is pulling up to Gate 4 at Deshbandu Apartments, and they ask their driver to wait for them as they run in. That park is quite a colorful scene -- "Lit'rally," as Phil might say. In fact, there's a giant pink-and-green cloud filling the whole courtyard, with people running around inside it throwing handfuls of brightly colored powder at each other. Nick and Starr take in this bizarre scene while reaching into the clue box, as he wonders, "What the hell are they playing with?" The clue question is, "Who's ready for a colorful experience?" Well, you knew that was coming.

Phil tells us that this is something called the Holi Festival. As he explains this, it's happening in the background behind him, although his baby blue shirt and jeans remain pristine, as always. What the Road Blocker will have to do is get to one of three ladders placed around the courtyard, while attempting to dodge the crowds of people who will be throwing dye powder at them and shooting them with water cannons. Atop each ladder is a circular clothes rack hung with hundreds of different-colored envelopes. The vast majority of these are duds marked "Try Again," but each player will need to find one of six labeled "The Amazing Race." That's the one that will contain their clue. Does that seem really complicated to you? If so, maybe you should go back and read this paragraph again until you're sure you're clear on it, Kelly and Christy.

Starr is going to be doing this one for the Siblings. She runs through the crowd, which seems to be largely ignoring her until she reaches one of the ladders. But the ladder's not high enough to put her out of range, and she can't exactly be a moving target when she's on top of it. She narrates how difficult it was as we watch her flipping through reams of hanging envelopes. Wait until she sees how the teams who come after her do.

Kelly and Christy's driver gets out of their cab. "What'cha doin'?" they ask, and then decide that he's asking for directions. I don't suppose he finds them so obnoxious that he's decided to go get himself another taxi to drive?

Starr finds the right envelope, jumps off her ladder, and runs back to Nick largely unmolested. She's somewhat besmirched, but compared to what's going to happen to the teams that follow her, she looks like she hasn't been through anything messier than changing the toner cartridges on a color printer during a minor earthquake. But on to their new clue, which tells them that they have to go to Old Delhi, specifically Charity Birds Hospital. Yes, that's a hospital for birds. Their next clue is waiting there, in one of the cages. Before heading out, Nick takes the time to try to clean Starr off a little. While she's warning him not to smear her makeup (heh), someone comes up and pushes a handful of pink dye powder into Nick's face. "Oh, man!" he says. After that, they don't feel like hanging out much longer. He sees the humor by the time they get in the cab, though, remarking that he got it worse than she did. Yeah, most of the racers sitting out this Road Block won't exactly get to sit it out, if you know what I mean.

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