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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Toni and Dallas are leaving at 9:10. Toni interviews about her relationship with Dallas: "He's always gonna be my baby but I have learned to trust him far more than I ever did before." Someone's getting a later curfew when they get home.

Terence and Sarah leave at 9:31. In a pre-departure interview, Sarah talks about the added layer of complexity that results from racing with a romantic partner. As opposed to all the other teams who are racing with strangers. "We still yell at each other and we wish we wouldn't," she says, while Terence sits there with a blank expression that makes me wonder if he's thinking, Speak for yourself. In the cab on the highway, they spot a family of five on a motorcycle. Yes, you read that right. Dad's driving, Mom's riding sidesaddle on the back with a baby in her lap, junior's on the fuel tank, and if you pause at the right time you can see the foot of a third child who's wedged between mom and dad. Certain circles of the internet might refer to this configuration as a SAFETY FAIL. It kind of freaks Terence and Sarah out, especially when their tailgating cabdriver gets way too close behind the overladen motorcycle. "I'm not gonna watch us kill the happy family," Terence chuckles. He prefers to kill joy directly, not just manifestations of it.

Kelly and Christy are playing "Death Is Not an Option," using Dan and Andrew, who we see waiting patiently to rip their clue at the Pit Stop and looking like nobody's idea of a smorgasbord of sex. Kelly picks Andrew, because of his big fro. Christy realizes that leaves her to make out with Dan. This is all so grade school, right down to the nutty giggling, but then Christy accidentally says something astute: "He'd, like, get up from the kiss and start pacing." By the way, Dan is currently pacing at the Pit Stop.

Andrew and Dan are leaving at 9:44, and reveal that the cash allowance for this leg is a princely 21 dollars. Andrew interviews, "Dan and I possess awesome strengths, but our strengths are, like, on such opposite sides of the spectrum." And completely useless if not totally invisible in the Amazing Race, as far as I can tell. In the cab, they talk about the importance of keeping Ken and Tina behind them. Good luck with that.

Ken and Tina are out of there at 9:51. Seven minutes behind the team ahead of them is not a huge deficit, especially when you take into account the fact that the team ahead of them is the Frat Boys. Ken interviews that they had a rough last leg, but adds, "I don't think anybody is ever successful unless they've overcome great challenges. So it's another challenge for us, both in the race and in our relationship." Oh, thanks for clarifying that. In the cab, he encourages Tina by saying that they'll have a great day and get back in it. Which is quite possible, since all that has to happen is for the Frat Boys and/or Team Divorced to fuck up royally. Anybody want odds on that?

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