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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Finally, Kelly spots a tiny little 46. In an interview, she and Christy talk about what a revelation this was, about "the baby small tags." Could this be the end of the Frat Boys, at long last? Well, on Ken and Tina's way out, they run into the Frat Boys again and report that they're finished. Dan complains to them about how hard this is. He even shows Tina his list, and she realizes that they've been doing it wrong. They even guide them over to the nearest mini-tag, one that reads 13, and point it out to them. Afterwards, Tina interviews that she doesn't know if it was a good decision strategically. "We've helped everyone along the way a little bit. It's just kind of the way we are." And then we see Ken and Tina taking their leave as she says, "You guys owe us!" As we saw in the Salvador airport, that's also kind of the way she is. For the Frat Boys' part, Andrew interviews, "When you're just, like, sweet dudes like us, people, like, want to help you out sometimes." So to reiterate, Tina says she helped the Frat Boys because she is awesome and the Frat Boys say she helped them because the Frat Boys are awesome. Whatever the case, Ken and Tina depart the Detour in a very good mood.

Terence and Sarah arrive at the mat in third, and are happy to be back in the top three.

Now that the Divorcees and the Frat Boys are finally on the right track, the Frat Boys get back to the sewing machine man first, as he puts his newspaper on top of his head. The Frat Boys finally get their thumbs-up and head across the street to plug in their Ganesha, after which they take off in fifth. Kelly and Christy aren't far behind. "You get lots of rupees if you go fast," Dan promises their driver as they get into a cab. The Divorcees break out their stash of wet-wipes in theirs.

Phil welcomes Ken and Tina to the mat and tells them they're team number four. He remarks that they must be very proud of each other for staying in the race even with the Speed Bump. Don't get too proud; look at who they had to pass. "We love it, we ain't leaving," Ken says. In an interview, he talks about how well they're working together as a team now. "She's strong when I'm weak and vice versa, and I think that's what a partnership has to be." Can't ask for more than that. My opinion of this team has really evolved over this season. When the race first started, I would have expected them to be the last team I would ever find myself rooting for. Well, except for Terence and Sarah. And Marisa and Brooke. And the Frat Boys, obviously. Not to mention... okay, never mind.

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