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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Back at the Detour, the Frat Boys present their new list to the tailor, saying, "Show me some love." The tailor gives them a disgusted thumbs-down and waves then off. Team Divorced, meanwhile, is once again riding along the street in their rickshaw. They're still doing it wrong, but the rickshaw allows them to do it wrong more quickly. Even worse for them is the fact that Ken and Tina have arrived at the Detour, and Ken quickly spots the right kind of tag with a 43 on it.

Dan and Andrew stand around wondering what to do next. In the corner of the foreground, the tailor has put his head down on his sewing machine as though utterly exhausted by them. Join the club. Kelly and Christy arrive back at the corner for a second try, and the Frat Boys decide to hang out and see what happens. While the tailor is checking the women's list, Dan suggests partnering up. Kelly and Christy, not seeing any percentage in alliance between losers, apologetically decline.

Terence and Sarah finally finish up their chilies, and head to the Pit Stop in third place. In the back of the cab, Sarah says, "If somebody said to me right now, put cow manure on your body and it will make you feel better, I would slather myself up right now. That's how much pain I'm feeling." What if I told her to put cow manure on Terence?

Ken and Tina are making good progress on the Detour, while Kelly and Christy are on their third run-through of doing the wrong thing. The Frat Boys spot Ken and Tina, and only one of the teams is happy to see the other. I think you can guess which one. Ken and Tina arrive at the sewing machine man as he's checking Kelly and Christy's numbers for the third time, and like the Frat Boys, Team Divorced isn't happy to see that they've made up their Speed Bump time. Christy takes one of the scraps of cloth from the tailor's worktable and holds it up in what I'm sure she thinks is a subtle attempt to hide their numbers from the other team's view. Tina openly snorts with laughter and assures her, "Don't worry, you guys, we've got our own numbers." Team Divorced gets shot down for the third time, and Tina presents their own list as Kelly and Christy go back for another try, on foot this time. Andrew narrates that it's a three-way race now, and whoever gets last will probably be eliminated. "Let's make sure it isn't us," Dan says, the voice of positivity for once.

While the tailor is checking numbers, Tina is looking closely over his shoulder, until he puts a hand on her shoulder to make her step away. "Why did he push me?" Tina asks Ken. Wisely, he refrains from offering to duel with the sewing machine man in her defense. She thinks it's a bad sign, but when the tailor hands her list back with a severe expression, he suddenly breaks into a luminous, slightly mad smile. And so do I, partly because Ken and Tina just officially passed two other teams at a stroke, but also because this dude is totally entertaining. Ken and Tina head to the shop across the street to plug in their Ganesha, and head out in fourth place. The other two teams are still sucking wind, and it's looking like one of them is going to be out of the race this week. I'm fine with it being either one of them at this point. They've both more than earned it. In fact, if we get rid of both of them, can the Geeks come back?

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