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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Sarah and Terence are still struggling along. Terence in particular, still covered in that red dye that's mixing with his own tears and snot, is looking like Bruce Campbell at the end of Evil Dead. Sarah is wishing that another team was there so they could share in the misery. "[They're] breezing through that other fricking Detour and we're, like, suffering here like fools." Don't worry, Sarah -- the other Detour is not currently being breezed through, because the two teams currently working on it are also fools. Andrew and Dan spot a series of advertisements with 15s on them (probably the same ones that caught the eye of Team Divorced), and they continue going down that path, even though the camera keeps picking out the little tags they're supposed to be looking at, complete with ominous music. Kelly and Christy ride up to the sewing machine guy and hop out of their rickshaw to present their list. He gives them a thumbs down and gestures them back down the street. When they protest, he repeats both gestures, more forcefully. He's really kind of awesome, communicating everything without saying a word, but I wouldn't be surprised if he spoke better English than I do.

The taxi race between the two lead teams continues, as we see them both (but separately) arriving at the outer walls surrounding Humayun's Tomb. Once inside the complex, they're going to have to find the tomb of Isa Khan. They're either arriving at different gates or at different times, because they don't appear to see each other. Both teams jog onto the grounds, and a camera zooms in on Phil, waiting behind the mat. Alone.

That's because the greeter for this leg apparently works here, and is hosing down the sparse grass about ten or fifteen yards behind where Phil is standing. Seeing Nick and Starr approaching, Phil turns and calls, "Okay, sir? Sir!" The gardener drops his hose and runs to stand next to Phil so he can tell the Siblings (belatedly), "Welcome to India." Phil thanks him and sends him back to his work before telling Nick and Starr that they're team number one, for the third week in a row. This week's prize? A trip for two to Hawaii. "Maybe this one we can take together," Starr says as they hug. I don't know what that's about. Phil remarks, "You look extremely colorful and incredibly immersed in incredible India." They say they're having a great time. Starr interviews that their initial goal on the race was just to not get eliminated first, which I would say they have accomplished. "You're the team to beat right now," Phil tells them. Indeed, they've won four of the seven legs so far. But who's going to beat them? Well, when Phil welcomes Toni and Dallas to the mat in second place, Toni confidently promises, "We'll kick Nick and Starr later." Okay, then!

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