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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

"Teams must now make their way through the crowded streets of Delhi," Phil narrates. Just once I'd like to hear about the deserted streets of Delhi, or the placid streets of Delhi, or the intuitive and user-friendly streets of Delhi. And the residents of Delhi might appreciate that as well. These particular crowded streets lead to a place called Humayun's Tomb. "Built in the 16th century by the Mughal Dynasty," Phil educates, "this collection of mausoleums commemorating past emperors is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." The two lead teams get into cabs, each hoping to be team number one.

Over at the Teary Eyed Detour, Sarah is crushing while complaining, "My nose is on fire, my throat is on fire, my eyes are stinging like crazy." Both of them are regretting opting for this one. Terence asks their host if they're doing okay so far. "Not good," he says. "Crush it more." Sarah sniffily narrates, "I found the shop owner to be not very generous with his evaluation of our peppers, and not very sympathetic to the incredible suffering that he was witnessing." Indeed, he stands over the two Westerners with an evil smile, as though exacting retribution for every one of the wrongs that occurred under British rule.

Dan and Andrew have found their first number: 12. Unfortunately, it's a number on a hanging stall sign, and not the kind of numbered tag they're looking for. They spot a few more, and Dan says, "Just keep walking. We know what to look for now." Those sound suspiciously like famous last words.

From their rickshaw, Kelly and Christy are making the same mistake, spotting some 15s and running with them. Or riding in a rickshaw with them, as the case may be.

We waste little time with Ken and Tina finding their clue at the Bird Hospital. And on the way to the Pit Stop, the two leading teams have run into choking traffic.

Dan and Andrew present their completed (and completely wrong) list of numbers to the man with the sewing machine. He checks carefully, then gives them a thumbs-down. They are, as always whenever this happens to them, completely flummoxed. Up the street, Christy observes with striking cultural sensitivity, "It's not like normal American straight power lines, it's just a big mess." This as she's sitting protected from the sun on a wheeled bench being pulled down the street by an Indian man riding a bicycle.

Ken and Tina are back in their cab, hoping to catch up. Nick and Starr seem to get free of the traffic snarl, and Nick says, "Hopefully we just left Toni and Dallas behind in that actual road block." That does appear to be the case, but not for long.

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