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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Terence and Sarah reach their spice shop, and kneel down on mats to get busy with their mortars and pestles. "This is a killer," Sarah says as soon as they begin. "Just keep going, babe," Terence tells her, and then stops to cough and wipe his eyes. He should try putting one up his nose or something. Not that it would help him; it would just entertain me.

The Frat Boys arrive at the Amazing Power Line Pole and begin their search for numbers.

Ken and Tina have either run out of people who want water or have driven them away, so they get handed their clue before Ken can completely wear out their Sat Sri Akaal. They jump back in their cab to head back to the Bird Hospital and rejoin the race, but their cab isn't going anywhere. It's completely gridlocked.

Kelly and Christy's rickshaw driver takes them right to the Amazing Power Line Pole and points it out to them. He starts to get down to help them off, but they want to stay in while he pulls them down the street. Did I mention that the rickshaw they propose to sit in while examining power lines overhead has a feature that I like to call a roof? Whatever, girls, knock yourselves out. I mean that.

Ken and Tina are still stuck. That's what they get for getting into the one brand-new taxicab in all of Delhi; its driver is too timid to move aggressively through traffic. "I knew we shouldn't have got on this street and get stuck," Tina says. "Now we're traAAAPPED!" Ken agrees and takes it further: "Now we are done," he says.

"What, you're giving up?" Tina asks, one commercial break later. So Ken hops out, dragging Tina along, so they can direct some traffic and clear a path for their taxi. Ken is, like, physically moving carts and bikes and stuff, while Tina tells him to be respectful. The two of them end up leading a little parade, followed by their cab and a phalanx of motorcycles that had been stuck behind it, all the way to the end of the street, where they go left and hop back in. "Good job," Tina says to Ken. "You're good at clearing traffic." This... has come up before?

At the Bleary Eyed Detour, the two lead teams have reached the end of the street and are now looking for the man with a sewing machine, who is right where he's supposed to be. He bends theatrically over his newspaper as they approach, then peers up at the two lists being held out before them. He waves his fingers between the two lists with a questioning look, and they say they're the same. The tailor lets the suspense build, then breaks into a grin and hands each team a little card, pointing across the street to New India Stationers. So clearly Nick and Starr didn't hold out on them entirely. Toni and Dallas get there and plug in their statue first, and open the clue sending them to the Pit Stop.

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