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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

Terence and Sarah have arrived at the market stall for their bags of chilies, which are huge. "I feel like I'm carrying my entire weight on my shoulder," Sarah says. Terence reminds her that they wanted this. Once again, Terence and Sarah are running a more physical race than all of the other teams, not because they are more athletic, but because they are more dumb.

While waiting in traffic, Andrew says, "It's always been we get a Road Block done quick and then we get stuck on a Detour." Dan thinks they should try doing both of them quickly. Does that count as a breakthrough? Only if it happens. So I'm reserving judgment.

Ken and Tina get to the temple, where they put some kind of orange drapes over their heads and start handing out plastic cups of water to anyone who's interested.

En route to the Bleary Eyed Detour, Kelly and Christy's bicycle rickshaw driver is pointing out the sights to them: "Bank of India, built by British 1857." "It's been there a while," Kelly says politely. "American McDonald's." "Okay, thank you." "Central Baptist Church." Christy: "Okay, but hurry, hurry, hurry!" The driver points out that he's just following the rickshaw with the camera. "I know, tell him to hurry," Christy says. I think he had it right the first time, when he was telling Christy she needed to chill. It's not his fault they can't read.

Ken and Tina are really getting into their Speed Bump, passing out water among the seemingly all-male crowd and collecting empty cups. One of the temple workers teaches Tina to pronounce the Punjabi Sikh greeting "Sat Sri Akaal," which she offers to everyone along with the water. Her understanding is that it means "welcome," although my admittedly limited research implies there's a bit more to it than that. Not everyone is accepting water from her, although that might be less because they're not thirsty than because they don't want it from a green lady. Ken is calling out like a carnival barker selling snake tonic, saying, "Goes good with potato chips!" Afterwards, during an interview, he jokes about all the stuff he was yelling. "It was holy water, by the way," Tina nudges him, embarrassed for both of them. "I didn't know that," he shrugs. That must be why he hollers out to a group of devout worshippers, "It's not every day you get served water from the Incredible Hulk!" You know that sound you make when you sort of suck in air between your teeth and your tongue? I'm making it now.

The Siblings and Toni|Dallas are making good progress down the street, calling out numbers. Nick tells them how glad he is that they showed up. "There was no way we were doing this on our own." It's hard to tell if he's being sincere or not.

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