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Those Who Red the Clue and Those Who Blue It

The Frat Boys arrive at the hospital, find their clue, and decide to go with Bleary Eyed before returning to their cab. Ken and Tina are just getting there as well. And in the Team Divorced cab, Kelly has just gotten the idea of sticking their black and pink faces out the window to scare people as they drive by. Their driver does not seem amused.

At the hospital, Ken spots his and Tina's Speed Bump sign, and reaches into the box for their clue as Tina moans, "Oh, shoot," like she didn't know this was coming. At least they briefly get a "Currently in 5th place" subtitle. Phil reminds us that since Ken and Tina were "spared elimination" at the end of the last leg, they now are facing a Speed Bump, "An extra task that only they must complete." In this case, they have to get to a Sikh temple and serve holy water to the crowds on the street. From the way we see a guy sloshing the stuff into plastic cups, this is clearly not the same kind of holy water I remember from my Catholic upbringing. And I certainly don't recall ever being handed a glass of it to quaff. I can only conclude that Catholicism and Sikhism are somehow different from one another. Who knew? Ken and Tina are going to have to pass out tumblers of water to the crowds on the sidewalk until nobody wants any more, and then they can get back to the race. They head back to their taxi, and in the back, Ken says, "It's not looking good, but we will make it better." Positive, yet realistic. I like it.

Team Divorced has finally reached the Bird Hospital, technically not all the way in last place thanks to Ken and Tina's Speed Bump. Yet. They find the clue fairly quickly, it seems. And they did it without attempting to dissect one of the birds so they could look inside it.

The Siblings have arrived at their designated street corner for the Detour, and they zero in on the pole with an Amazing Flag attached to it. From there, they have to start walking along the street, which Starr describes as "pretty crazy." They have to walk along the middle of the lane, dodging motorcycles, pedestrians, and oxcarts, all while keeping an eye on the nightmare snarl of the lines themselves. It looks like a new line has been installed, changed, or replaced every time a new tenant has moved in for the last forty years. Or, to put it another way, how power lines here in the States would look if I were in charge of them.

Toni and Dallas arrive at the end of the street. And as Nick walks along contemplating a veritable cobweb of cables, he says, "There's so many power lines, I don't even know -- forty eight!" Having spotted their first tag, they decide to go back and start over to make sure they haven't missed any. Toni and Dallas are where the Siblings were a minute ago, having trouble negotiating the traffic. Toni even gets a little snippy with Dallas when he nearly gets her run over by an oncoming motorcycle. Not so proud of him in that second, is she? "Dallas and Toni are here," Nick sings to Starr in a tone that conveys both "Our lead is in jeopardy" and "There's your boyfriend." "We just gotta act like we don't know," he advises Starr. And that's what they do. Then Nick quietly calls Starr's attention to a 46 tag, which Dallas spots almost immediately. Nick narrates that they pretended this was the first one they'd seen. Starr suggests that they team up for this, and that's what happens. Won't it get awkward when they go to submit their lists and only one of them is right?

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