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Blake and Paige do not get seats on the London-Cape Town flight that Tarawil and company are on, which looks like it happens in part because the connections are so close that there isn't time to wiggle your way in as a standby person -- you have to have your boarding pass and such ahead of time in order to make the flight, which requires having a reservation all the way through. When Blake says they have standby, The Angry Clipped British Airport Voice says, "Well, you're not on then, are you?" Hey! Chill out, Nigel, the kid's just asking.

Commercials. Are you a Hungry Man? If you are, you should eat a pound of frozen processed food so you don't blow away in a stiff wind.

JFK. Peggy and Claire are very, very, very slowly making their way to Cape Town. So far, they're pretty much going in the opposite direction from where they need to go. Again, I would stress that they went all the way to New York just to get to London, which practically every other team -- all of whom got to the airport in Sao Paolo at the same time they did -- managed to do without doing anything remotely this goofy.

Blake and Paige are at Heathrow, hearing that South African Air only has standby available. Xerox and Jeebus are waiting for their London-Cape Town flight. In the end, Xerox gets on with their confirmed tickets, but Cyndi and Russell don't make it on standby, and they're back to square one. (Well, I guess square two. Peggy and Claire are at square one. Or possibly even square negative-one.)

In Frankfurt, Chris and Alex have the opportunity to get a flight to Johannesburg with a connection to Cape Town, which would actually get them to Cape Town a little sooner, but in order to avoid the risk of having the connection go awry, they hang in and wait for the direct flight to Cape Town instead. Probably the right move. Every connection is another opportunity for things to go off the rails, as Peggy and Claire are learning, so it's better to be safe than sorry at this point.

At 7:00 AM, the Cha-Cha-Cha/Tarawil/Gary-and-Dave flight (a Virgin Atlantic plane, actually) touches down in Cape Town. The first task for all of the teams is to get a ferry to Robben Island, where they'll visit the cell where Mandela was held and retrieve the clue. Now, there's been some chatter about whether it was wrong or tacky or disrespectful for the show to go to the cell. I must admit that I had the same thought for a minute, but given the information we get about the island and the prison in this episode, it seems to be treated by the local population as a historic landmark, almost like an old war fort or a monument. It's pretty clearly set up for tourists, and it seems to be mostly educational, not sacred. I agree that it's important to show respect, but I don't think it's in particularly poor taste for them to take the teams there -- certainly no more so than the temples and other sacred places they went to last year. If you're going to see anything worthwhile, you're going to see things that demand respect, so I'm not so troubled.

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