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Boston and Tarawil are having a very bad time with flights. They seem to be using the phone to call around instead of going counter-to-counter. The two teams are arguing, they're not getting anywhere, and they're blaming each other. Wil abruptly bails on the alliance, and he and Tara bolt. Chris is frustrated that it's taking so long to get things straightened out, but just like it does in what I suspect are all of Chris's favorite movies, help comes in the form of "two really hot girls," as he puts it, who help them with their flight at last. (This is Varig again, the same airline that helped Cha-Cha-Cha, and one of the girls is the one they showed giving Cha the good flight for being sweet and polite.) As they leave, Chris tells one of them he's in love with her. She grimaces in an attempt to smile politely. It's written all over her face and echoes in the minds of women everywhere: "Shut up, Chipster." They leave at 11:25 PM, with a connection in Frankfurt.

Tarawil does some more begging, also at Varig, and they wind up on an 11:40 PM flight to London, along with Blake and Paige. Tarawil is confirmed to Cape Town, but Blake and Paige are not -- they're on standby on the connecting flight. Interestingly enough, if this is shown in order, Boston charmed those "really hot girls" so much that the girls didn't actually give them the best possible flight, because the guy at the same airline did significantly better for Tarawil a little bit later. Working The Airport: A Mysterious Art Indeed.

From Heathrow to Cape Town, Tarawil winds up on the same flight as Danny and Oswald and Gary and Dave. This makes a certain amount of sense given the above descriptions of flight patterns, as well as the fact that Cha-Cha-Cha and Tarawil used the same airline (presumably Gary and Dave used Varig also, even though you couldn't see the signs). One thing is rather mystifying, though: the fate of Xerox. For some reason, Xerox had the earlier Sao Paolo-London flight (by almost five hours), but got hosed with a significantly later London-Cape Town flight. It's hard to explain -- it looks like it was a different airline (they seemed to be arranging through American, as did Jeebus and the Groanies) -- but it's strange, all right. Furthermore, note that Mary and the Fruit's connecting pattern through Milan seems to have taken a crucial bit longer than Gary and Dave's through Lisbon -- it looks from the progress of the Amazing Yellow Line like Mary and the Fruit went to Milan first, and then north to London, and then back down to Cape Town, so there's a little bit of doubling back involved. Gary and Dave went up as far as Lisbon, then farther up to London, then down to Cape Town. It works out logically, I think.

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