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I'm leaving on a jet plane...if I can find one

Mary and the Fruit are having a heck of a time. Mary voices over that they thought the beach was bad, and then they thought the bus was bad, and now they think the airport is the worst yet. The Fruit pushes the luggage cart down the corridor with Mary riding on the front -- aww. Then, in what I think is actually a great shot, we see Mary facing a wall with her hands against it, standing very still, leaning on her forehead. I know that exact moment. That's the "I can't get anything to work, but if I freak out, it's going to get worse, so I have to just stand here and take five deep breaths before I lose my temper or burst into tears" moment, and she is doing just the right thing. In the foreground of the same shot, the Fruit says Mary is "losin' it," but what she's actually doing is hanging on to it. They get a flight, and somewhat surprisingly, when the flight finally goes through, Mary is sitting on the floor with her chin in her hand, and it's the Fruit who's all over the ticket agent guy. Go, Fruit! Once the tickets are secured, the Fruit suggests that while they're waiting, she can get her nails done and Mary can get a beer so they'll both feel better. Hee. Their route takes them through both Milan and London, and they leave at 9:40 PM.

Gary and Dave tell us the airport is "completely dysfunctional." They have spent, as Dave explains, about six hours running from counter to counter and getting turned down. (I'd point out that as much of a pain as that was, it's going to work out better for them than it did for people who sat at American for hours.) They finally get a flight at 9:45 PM, connecting through Lisbon and London. Approximately the same quality of flight plan as Mary and the Fruit, I'd say, and almost exactly the same departure time.

Oswald and Danny find a ticket agent at Varig (the only other airline that's really identifiable in all this mess) who wants to give them an extra hand because they're the only team that was polite and calm in asking for help. They leave at 11:00 PM, with only one stopover in London.

Peggy and Claire, after doing a lot of "traipsing," leave at 11:10, and here's their flight plan: Sao Paolo to New York. New York to London. London to Johannesburg. Johannesburg to Cape Town. Ugh. I cannot believe they couldn't find a single European city where they could connect to London. Given the fact that several other teams got to London directly and two others took two different connecting routes there (Milan and Lisbon), I cannot believe they couldn't have done anything except go through New York. You can tell that the Groanies' route isn't a good one, because the Amazing Yellow Line tracing their journey doesn't even make it any farther than New York before the Amazing World Map disappears. Everyone else's line at least gets to London before they cut away.

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