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I'm leaving on a jet plane...if I can find one

At the airport, all the teams are waiting for flights to Sao Paolo. Gary informs Blake and Paige that they can't fly till morning, and that no one has left yet. I silently beg Gary to have mercy on me and stop wearing that camouflage hat, but then I start thinking about his hair.

The next morning comes, and Phil tells us that all nine teams have made it onto two flights out to Sao Paolo, leaving at 6:50 AM and 7:00 AM. Because of this particular piece of bunching, you'll notice that Peggy and Claire's oversleeping has nothing to do with anything that happens from here out. From the perspective of evaluating their play and their prospects for the future if they had continued, oversleeping was a giant screw-up, and it probably got their day off to a terrible, stressful start, but it was entirely without consequence in an actual cause-and-effect analysis in terms of lost time.

At 7:50 AM, everyone except Boston and Tarawil arrives in Sao Paolo to start the endless Airport Shuffle for Cape Town. Shortly thereafter, the Boston/Tarawil alliance touches down. Cyndi explains that it was a "mad dash" all over the place looking for flights. Inside the airport, Mary and the Fruit are told that there's no room on some airline's flight to Cape Town, not even the next day. Elsewhere, Claire is told that a Swissair flight is "foolly-foolly booked." Blake and Paige bang on the door of a closed South African Airlines office. No one emerges to help them, but in the meantime, a brief cooperative spirit emerges between Xerox and Jeebus, who agree to split their efforts at checking for space.

Xerox, Jeebus, and the Groanies all eventually converge on the ticket counter at American Airlines (Official Airline Of Having Its Name Mentioned). Blake and Paige are going there too, to try for a connection between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Seeing Blake and Paige coming, the Groanies intentionally spread out to block the counter. When they get there, Peggy says to them very snottily that Jeebus/Xerox have been here an hour, and when they're done, the Groanies will be occupying the staff for an hour after that, so Blake and Paige can just wait and "be in laaaahne." It occurs to me that unless Blake and Paige have done a lot of things we haven't seen, this attitude is entirely uncalled for. Anyway, when Blake and Paige see a staff person there who isn't doing anything, they go up and ask her to help them. Peggy sees this and mutters to Xerox, "They're just going ahead of us." Now Cyndi gets into the act, leaning forward on the counter, peeking down to the end, and saying to Blake and Paige, "Hey, you guys want to hold up? Hey, group down there?" She's irked also.

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