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Around 3:00 AM, Claire wakes up and mutters, "The alarm didn't go off." I would point out that I have been known to sleep through my alarm and turn my alarm off without actually waking up on many occasions, so I think Claire is jumping to conclusions in saying that it didn't go off. Furthermore, as I said, I think we may have even heard it go off. They hustle out of bed and get ready to go. Blake interviews that he doesn't feel guilty about not waking them up because, after all, it's a race. He has a point. Look, nobody is obligated to wake anybody else up, any more than anybody is obligated to, say, loan anybody else money for the bus when they lose their wallet. Nothing to be ashamed of, Blake -- especially when you're in last place. Peggy and Claire end up on the mat at 3:17 AM, almost 40 minutes after their scheduled departure time. As they walk along the path, they complain that Blake and Paige are probably happy that they overslept. What a couple of sour lemons the Groanies are this morning.

3:35 AM. Blake and Paige. Now how do I describe what Blake is wearing? Perhaps "freakishly overgrown prep schoolboy" is the look he's going for. Beige button-down shirt. Multicolored wacky tie. Blue blazer. Shorts. Olive green baseball hat that says "Team Mycoskie." (Their last name.) No, really, that's what he's wearing. I cannot imagine what possessed him to bring a blazer on this trip, but I sincerely hope he didn't substitute it for...well, anything else he could have brought with him, because almost anything else he could have brought would have been more useful, including an equivalent amount of empty space, which would at least not weigh anything. Seriously, it may not make a big difference, but his having that ridiculously inappropriate attire with him suggests to me a lack of seriousness and strategic thinking. The Guidos had some goofy ideas about monogrammed outfits, but it was all useful, practical clothing underneath. They might have wished for a few of their perfectly-cut suits, but they didn't actually bring them. Anyway, they open the clue, and Paige says in an interview that she was thrilled, because she's "always wanted to go to South Africa." I am distracted by the fact that I cannot believe I have to continue to watch Blake in this goofy tie. (True Story Break: My friend The Professor went to a new job and was told that Friday was Funny Tie Day around the department. "Do you have any goofy ties?", asked one friendly woman. He paused, and then said, "Um, I have two ties with Goofy on them.")

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