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Xerox, Kalk Bay Harbor. (Ouch, that train was slow. They got off the return ferry at the same time as Mary and the Fruit, and look how far back they fell. I'm telling you, never believe the locals when they tell you to take the train.) They de-train and try to figure out how to get across the tracks to the harbor.

Detour, Blake and Paige. They pick the dancing. Xerox arrives, and OneTwin remarks with obvious surprise, "Blake and Paige are here." This is where they figure out that the train didn't work for them, and they've slipped in the standings. They read the Detour clue, and they decide to do the fish. Blake and Paige, the first team to fit the outfits perfectly (and why does that seem appropriate?), start dancing as Xerox goes for the fish. Now, either the fish detour isn't well-planned or Xerox doesn't read it carefully, because they can't figure out how to get started. They're just wandering around looking for what fish they're supposed to carry. Meanwhile, Blake's dancing for money isn't any better than his dancing at the Samba Club, although Paige doesn't embarrass herself too badly. As Blake and Paige collect their tips, Xerox bails on the fish and heads for the dancing. They put the outfits on, and unlike the teams that just let the top halves dangle when they didn't fit, Xerox valiantly tries to fit into them entirely, which results in some extremely high-quality Large Men Trying To Fit Into Small Clothes footage. Ahhhh, the cheap laugh. How I love it. The boots don't fit them either, but they cram their big feet into them anyway. They are not particularly adept dancers, but it's hard to say how much of that has to do with the fact that they are wedged into these clothes. The crowd has a good laugh at their expense, but gives up the money so they can leave.

Train station at Kalk Bay Harbor. Xerox gets on the train to Cape Town and finds Blake and Paige there. Paige asks them if they ultimately danced, and OneTwin says, "We felt like, you know, the twin Urkels out there." Hee! Actually, they kind of looked that way, too.

ChaTaGaDa pulling up to the winery. They're obviously pretty relieved to see something so lush after braving some less-than-luxurious surroundings all day. They pile out of the cab. Danny and Oswald run for it, and make it to the mat first. Phil tells them they're team number one, and they hug, go "woooo!", and jump up and down. I love Triple-Cha. Taraweasel is team number two, and they hug, prompting Tara to say, "Hey, watch the butt, watch the butt." Somehow, I want that to be funny, and it's not. Gary and Dave are team number three. Everybody toasts themselves.

Generic township shots, including the obligatory skinny dog with matted hair. Mary takes the Roadblock, which leaves Peach in the hair salon waiting for her. The Fruit explains that she was, reasonably enough, rather nervous, considering that everyone on the taxi told them they were going to be killed. She explains that she's a little more nervous for Mary, who's out walking around. Speaking of which, here's Mary, buying a sheep's head covered with flies. Yum. She interviews that she loves meeting people, she loves being out in interesting places, and she was glad she did the Roadblock. While she's gone, the Fruit ventures out of the salon, where she catches the eye of a little girl. She smiles and waves. The little girl smiles, and Peach calls her over, voicing over that she remembered she had some kids' sunglasses in her bag that Mary had encouraged her to give to some of the kids if she had a chance. She gives several little kids pairs of shades, and one of them slides a blue pair on hesitantly. Lots of smiling, laughing little kids. The Fruit says that if a pair of sunglasses makes them that happy, she feels great. Aww. She gets weepy. As was correctly pointed out by Snowmobile Boy, this would have been even cooler if she hadn't cried, but had been able to just chuckle at how much fun it was, but it's still a pretty cool scene.

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