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I'm leaving on a jet plane...if I can find one

On the topic of teams that are not growing on me, at the Cape Town airport, Chris and Alex are getting off the plane. Alex interviews that this is the first time they've been behind, and they "have some serious time to make up." Yep, I'd say so. He says they live on pressure, and adds, "Bring it." I waggle my head and say, "Oh, it's already broughten." And then I laugh, because I am a dork.

More from the Cape Town airport. At 1:30 PM, Team Jeebus gets off the plane. "What are you doing?" Russell snaps as they walk out of the airport. "What?" Cyndi asks him. "What are you going so slow for?" he says, rather nastily, actually. Hey, Russell? God called. He said not to yell at your wife. Cyndi chirps back, "I'm going fast, honey!" Yeech. They pile into a cab, saying they're going to try to make the 2:00 PM ferry. I don't see how that can happen if they landed at 1:30, considering that the other teams this morning needed an hour to get out of the airport and to a boat. At any rate, when Jeebus arrives at the ferry station, they run into Boston. "Have you seen anybody else?" Boston asks. "You're the first ones we've seen, buddies!" Cyndi says happily. They all get on a boat. Can this be the 2:00 they were going for? I don't see how it can. Hmm.

Mary and the Fruit on the train to Cape Town station. ("Peach Train sounding louder! Ride on the Peach Train!") Mary asks a woman about the township, hoping for some information she can use to get around when they get there. The woman -- not sent, I would say, by the Langa Township Chamber of Commerce -- tells her that if they go there, people will kill them and steal their backpacks. Huh? A creepy man in a red hat and shiny sunglasses who looks like he just arrived directly from the set of a Stephen King movie says basically the same thing: "If you like to be alive, don't go there." Peach interviews that she was afraid. Man, no kidding. Mary puts away the clue, simply saying to the They Will Kill You Lady, "Thanks." Heh. They get to the train station and get into a cab (along with a bunch of other people -- this is group transport country). Shortly after they leave, the taxi breaks down. Sigh. Mary wants to know if it's safe to walk, but the bus driver just gets out to check on the mechanical problem. I am not filled with confidence that he can fix it.

Commercials. If you're looking for an orange shirt, a pink umbrella, and an oscillating sprinkler, Sears is really your best bet. In other news, if you're serving your family meals that do not include slabs of meat, it's no wonder your children are deformed and your marriage is failing.

Back to the broken-down Mary/Fruit cab. The driver says he'll get another cab for them. He does, and they're on their way.

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