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Hey, guess what? Shola and Doyin miss the 10:00 ferry by about three steps. I guess now you know how long it takes to land in Cape Town, get out of the airport, and make a ferry to Robben Island -- about an hour and one minute.

On the ferry, Tara and Cha-Cha-Cha discuss how to get to Kalk Harbor once they hit land. They've discovered you can take a train or a taxi. Tara also points out that they're pretty well bunched at this point, so they should help each other out to maximize the space between their bunch and the rest of the teams. Cha-Cha-Cha agrees. At 10:13, they get off the ferry and choose taxis.

10:30 AM, Cape Town airport. Blake and Paige land. Air Travel Fun Fact: Blake and Paige and Cyndi and Russell all flew to London without reservations from London to Cape Town -- with Jeebus arriving in London about six hours earlier. Nevertheless, here are Blake and Paige with no Cyndi and Russell in sight yet. Presumably, Blake and Paige had an advantage in that they found out a little sooner that they weren't to get on standby (since the ChaTaGaDa flight left earlier than the Xerox flight), so that probably helped them out. But Cyndi and Russell just don't seem to be doing all that well at the airport, and it looks like the teams that parked at the American Airlines counter and worked from there (Xerox, Jeebus, and the Groanies) really didn't fare well.

Mary and the Fruit, at 10:52 AM (and thanks, incidentally, to the powerful figures who decided to give us more of the clock this season), need ferry tickets. Mary tells the people in line, very simply, that she's in a race, she's trying to get ahead, and she'd like to cut in line. They let her. Again, because she was honest about it (didn't claim a medical emergency or anything like that), I have no problem with this. No one seems to mind. They wind up on the same ferry as Xerox, and the teams share some friendly high-fives.

In the cell at Robben Island, the Fruit is the one who actually locates the clue. Go, Fruit! Go, Fruit! Go, Fruit! Furthermore, when Xerox shows up, she shows them right where it is. We get, of course, Clue-Cam shots of the teams opening up the little compartment where the clue is -- from the clue's point of view. Meanwhile, Doyin talks about how hard it was to just bolt in and bolt out of such an important, moving place. I can't argue with that. It would certainly be nice for them to have had some time to look around -- of course, I think that about almost every place they visit.

Heathrow. Peggy and Claire have arrived from JFK, and they have a very tight connection to Johannesburg. Claire wants to run for the plane. Peggy says foggily that they have to go through customs. Claire at least would like to make a run for it and find out. Peggy strolls. Never has anyone looked less like she is in a race. At any rate, they get to the gate and are there before the plane leaves -- but they haven't been through security. Can't do it, ladies, not even with cameras following you everywhere. "You've missed it," the clipped gate attendant clips at them. This is certainly the day of having bad news at the airport delivered with a distinct British accent.

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