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I'm leaving on a jet plane...if I can find one

Anyway, it's morning, and ChaTaGaDa are in their cabs on their way to the ferry. Wil orders the driver to pull out any shortcuts in his "bag of tricks." Please shut up, Wil. Tara explains in an interview that she and Wil are getting along fairly well, which may be because they don't have time to fight. Incidentally, Wil is now wearing a different very ugly shirt, this one with tiny little checks on it. Wil's wardrobe makes my nose twitch.

It looks like Gary and Dave are the first to arrive at the ferry, and they run for it, trying to make the 8:00 AM. It appears, as Dave says, that they miss it by about five seconds or so. Ouch. Ultimately, ChaTaGaDa all wind up on the same 9:00 AM ferry. Wil asks the ferry guy whether he's going to get them there fast. Shut up some more, Wil.

At 9:00 AM, Shola and Doyin's flight lands in Cape Town. Shola explains that he loved being in Africa, that it was a wonderful feeling, and that he is the one with the earring, dammit. (Okay, I added that last part.) They're aiming for the 10:00 ferry, which presumably will mean the same tight timing that ChaTaGaDa experienced with the 7:00 landing and the 8:00 ferry.

Speaking of whom, here are ChaTaGaDa on the boat. When they land at the island, Tara walks with Danny and Wil walks with Oswald. They chat about how interesting the history of the site is. In case you're wondering what the cell looks like when they get's small. Very small. Like, apartment-bathroom small. Think about how old you are. Subtract 18 from your age. Now think about having been in a cell this size since you were that age. Pretty freaky, huh? Much as I regret the fact that the show doesn't have more time for a thorough discussion of the history, they give you enough for a taste. The shot of the cell and the words "eighteen years" are really enough to knock you back, if you're paying attention.

At 9:45 AM, Mary and the Fruit's plane lands (they were on South African Air). Mary very adeptly and correctly states that they're perfectly happy in the middle of the pack, because at this point in the race, as long as you're not last, you're fine. Exactly. This is one of my main race philosophies. Bunching being what it is, it's just not worth a lot of time and energy and money to go for first. Stay out of last place -- that's the name of the game.

Tarawil are first to get the cell clue. It tells them to get a return ferry to Kalk Bay Harbor and look for the McFlag.

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