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Bill and Cathi are taking their turn, and the judges are actually looking annoyed with their performance. And in fact, the grandparents only get three points total. But like all the other team, they receive some constructive criticism. "Learn the routine more," one judge says. "Try to hit the poses," another says. "Try to be less embarrassingly sucky," they all barely prevent themselves from saying. Amani and Marcus finally have their directions and run back out to their cab. Once they're underway at last, Marcus says, "I haven't been that nervous since I was in the principal's office in third grade." Ernie and Cindy are back to their cab, and their driver does know where Parc Elizabeth is, so this could be close. Jeremy and Sandy do their posedown and perform so well they earn two fours and a five, for the highest total score yet. Finally, something they're the best at.

The grandparents and the snowboarders are still doing practice run-throughs. Then, back to the two teams who are en route to the Pit Stop: Ernie says they're looking for the gazebo, and in case you've just tuned in, Marcus explains, "There are only five teams still racing and we're very fortunate to be one of those five. We've had some blunders along the way. Nevertheless we've stayed in it. The comeback kids, we're calling ourselves." The guy who's constantly auditioning for an NFL color commentary job, I'm calling Marcus. Cindy's just happy that the leg is almost over (jinx!). Team NFL is arriving at the park, and they can see the gazebo out the window, but Team Control is also very close. Marcus prays to be in first place. And there's Phil, waiting on the large gazebo while a saxophone sextet plays a cheesy tune, poorly. A little research tells me that saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax is also from Belgium, but he's dead and still not as famous as JCVD. Amani and Marcus climb up and jump on the mat just as they finish up the tune. From behind them, the soprano player welcomes them to Parc Elizabeth in Brussels. For the first time, Phil tells them they're team number one. "Well deserved," he remarks, adding that they've won a trip to Panama. Amani: "Wow." Phil says that as the first team to arrive, they'll be the first team to leave on the next leg. Which starts? Right now! Phil whips a clue out of his jacket, hands it over, and...To be continued. So that's four episodes out of nine this season where no one got eliminated. I know I'm on record defending the non-elimination legs, but this is getting silly. Either get more teams or have fewer legs, and I don't care which. Okay, actually that's a lie. I definitely want fewer legs.

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