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Alex and Lynn finally get someone to direct them to the Education Department, which is apparently upstairs. As they walk up, Lynn talks about "step aerobics," blah blah, because he's all about the quippety-quips, and then they find their first guy and deliver his tea. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber find the Law Department and ask for somebody named, I believe, "Asharfi." Through what I suspect is a misunderstanding, the guy Rob greeted turns out not to be the actual guy, and it takes a minute to straighten out who's who. Rob sort of winds up barking at the guys, but the actual Asharfi is smiling the whole time, so I don't think they're that horrified. I think this is all going down a bit like a game of capture-the-flag that the entire building is basically in on, so it didn't read to me like actual tension. And also, on his way out the door, Rob says, "Thanks, buddy. Don't try to pull a fast one like that again." Heh. Although he is probably too loud for the room. As they leave, they find their Fern again, and Rob says, "I need your help more; we're going down the street now." He does have a certain "if I don't ask you, you can't say no" approach to the Fern-finding. As I suspect he does to many things in life.

Ron and Kelly deliver their last cup of tea. They are very close to Rob and Amber as both teams start back toward the tea shop with their carts. Uchenna and Joyce and Lynn and Alex are looking for more folks. Uchenna and Joyce find their third; Lynn and Alex find their second. Meredith and Gretchen? They're still looking for the office. Oy. At least they're enjoying the trappings of fame, such as they are.

Rob and Amber find their way back to the tea shop, they return their cart and cards, and they get their clue. Ron and Kelly then do the same. "Make your way to Phil and the mat," the clue reads. Hmm, cuuuuurious! Phil explains that they have to go a mile and a half to a particular building, and then they have to go to the roof. We see a mat, but Phil says nothing about "pit stop," or "may be eliminated," so if you listen to the patter, you certainly know what's coming. Rob and Amber's Fern goes with them toward their destination, and Amber notes that the clue "is written a little bit differently," what with no mention of a pit stop. She's no dummy, that Amber. They get themselves a taxi. Ron and Kelly read the clue and try to get a taxi as well, but when taxis prove hard to find, they wind up in a bicycle rickshaw. So that's going to be ugly. And of course, when they spot Rob and Amber in the taxi, that's Kelly's cue to bitch about being in the wrong form of transportation. "Let's lighten up the attitude," Ron says.'s rude, but...I agree. Especially when she's been on about that all damn day. ["Free Ron!" -- Sars]

Uchenna and Joyce find another department, and they finish the task. Lynn and Alex head in with their last one as well, passing the departing Uchenna and Joyce. Inside, the boys find their last guy and deliver their last cup of tea. They get their cart and their cards, and they head back. At the tea shop, Uchenna and Joyce find the owner and retrieve their clue. They head for Phil in a taxi. Lynn openly hopes for a pit stop as they wait at the tea shop, claiming that he's "dead." "It's a pit stop," Alex says confidently, because he doesn't pay as much attention as, say, Amber. Lynn claps, and I am embarrassed to admit how happy I am that he's wrong. They get in a rickshaw and leave.

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