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And... I don't know. I see both sides of the argument that's been raging all week over whether this is horribly lame or kind of sweet. I think it's sort of neither. It's a decision, and a calculated risk, and as long as they don't think it makes them better than anyone else, it's a decision you have the freedom to make. I mean, for one thing, it's not like there isn't some possible strategic advantage to keeping Mary and Dave in the race rather than someone else -- the BQs, for instance, if you thought that was the choice. But as others have noted, I don't think that's why they did it. I fortunately don't think they did it to make themselves look good, particularly -- I think they did it because they like Dave and Mary, and they don't really have a pure racing mentality. Which... is what it is, you know? Yes, if they lose, they'll deserve it, in a sense. But they don't seem to want to wave it around, and they don't seem to think it makes them extra-awesome, and they seem understanding about what the consequences are. So I say: rock on with your slightly stupid selves, *wins. I wouldn't mind being your friend, although in a competition, I might choose someone else to be on my team, because I suspect you of lacking the appropriate killer instinct. Among other things, they both really hate heights, and the FF would have been a way out of the Roadblock. Fortunately for them, the Roadblock ladder is inside a metal cage, which I think is going to make it a million times easier for people who are afraid of heights. Courage, climbing *win!

Commercials. Okay, if you're going to have these Power Through And Go moments, they are not allowed to involve the making of plane reservations. Just, no. Absolutely not. No making plane reservations, no ordering food, no cutting your nails.

We return to watch Erwin ascend to the top of the tower to climb the ladder. He tells us that this will be "a real test." The rest of the teams are surprised to see Erwin return, announcing that they decided to abandon the Fast Forward after all. It isn't clear whether the front-running teams see the writing on the wall or not, regarding what just occurred with the *wins and Dave and Mary, but the BQs may very well feel pretty silly right about now. It's like the *wins are Miss Texas or something. This is war!

In a distressing development, Dave and Mary are a little lost on the way to the Fast Forward. And that is... not an acceptable way for this to go. Don't squander your chance, Coalminer and Wife! They stop and ask directions, and it appears that a guy is going to lead them to 6th Ring Road. I'm trying to think of whether it would be incredibly convenient or incredibly confusing to have your roads named things like "6th Ring Road." Self-explanatory street names sound like a good idea, but it doesn't seem to be making anything easier for the racers.

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