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6:04 PM. "Never had one of these in my life," Mary says as she admires the phone. (Remember, 6:04 PM -- that's four hours after their friends left.) Mary interviews as they leave the mat that they have to come in first, or else they'll be subject to a 30-minute penalty at the end of the race. "Nobody's going to lay down and let you win a million dollars," Mary says. "We have to do it ourselves." This would really be a heavy dose of frying-pan foreshadowing if this were to be an episode in which they received a lot of help, wouldn't it?

Now, we see the *wins and *lyns get to their travel agency. Again, are we supposed to believe this all happened in this order? Peter and Sarah got to the travel agency from the pit stop in under an hour, but it took these people four hours? Because if that's the case, I certainly hope that the *wins and *lyns stopped for a meal or something. Speaking of Peter and Sarah, we check in with them at the airport, where Peter assures us that they feel great about being all ready to go and having tickets and so forth. Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport soon after, then Rob and Kimberly, then Tyler and James -- who are in a hurry, because they have that 8:00 PM flight. Back at the travel agency, the *wins and *lyns are joined by Dave and Mary. So it appears that indeed, somewhere along the line, those other two teams either killed or lost four hours waiting for Dave and Mary to get to the travel agency. I don't understand that entire sequence very well at all, but by the time Dave and Mary get there, the tickets are all arranged, and all they have to do is sit down and say they want the same thing. Dave tells us that having friends has gotten them through this entire thing. I would like to think my friends would do that for me, but in a race for a million dollars, I think there would be considerably more "so long, sucker" involved.

At 8:05 PM, James and Tyler get on their earlier flight to Bombay.

The trailing three teams arrive at the airport together. Then, we go to the Mumbai (see, that's what we're calling Bombay now, even though back in Chennai, actual Indian people repeatedly spoke of Bombay -- it takes a long time to get everyone on board) airport, where James and Tyler are anxiously awaiting their next flight. But of course, as they stand around anxiously, they are joined by... everyone else. Because, of course, every other team made that same 11:00 PM flight out of India, and now they're all together. As Phil explains, just as Mumbai was Bombay, and now is not, certain teams used to have leads, and now they don't, because everybody is in a great big bunch.

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