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Kuwait Of The World

1:53 PM. Erwin and Godwin. They explain that they're hanging with Lyn and Karlyn, who open their clue at 2:03 PM. Neither of these teams recognizes the Kuwait Towers, but they share a high-five and get moving. Godwin voices over that they're all still working together, and that Dave and Mary have to finish first in order to avoid a penalty. These two teams get taxis together and look for a travel agency. It might seem weird for a team to wait ten minutes for another, but if you pay attention, you'll see just how far behind the remaining two teams are, so it's pretty clear that ten minutes here isn't going to make a difference.

Rob and Kimberly have made it to an agency where they ask for tickets and then show the video of the clue. They immediately learn that they're looking at the Kuwait Towers.

3:37 PM. Tyler and James. So that's almost two hours behind the *wins and *lyns. Tyler says that it was "a dagger in the side" to finish in sixth place. As they're leaving, Tyler suggests that they call Phil on the Nokia and ask him what the hell they're doing. "Phil," James says dryly into the phone. "How do we get to Kuwait?" Man, if calling Phil were that easy, we'd all be doing it. I'd be doing it right now. Actually, hang on a second.

Okay, I'm back. That was really weird, how someone answered who sounded kind of New Zealand-ish, but right after I explained who I was, it was like we were cut off. Anyway, Tyler and James grab a taxi.

Traffic in India is kind of punishing, as everyone is learning. We actually see Tyler and James at a travel agency before the *wins/*lyns who left an hour and a half before they did. Is that possible? I realize everything is not to scale, but I'm never sure whether they mostly keep events in order. Tyler and James also look up the Kuwait Towers on the internet. Oh, internet, your sweet and juicy knowledge is so tempting. As are your abundant crazy people. We see Rob and Kimberly still at the travel agency. The time line here is just crazy. I mean, the flight isn't until 11:00 tonight, but are Rob and Kimberly still hanging around at the travel agency three hours after they left the pit stop? A wrinkle emerges when, rather than the 11:00 flight to Bombay, Tyler and James get an 8:00 flight. Presumably, it's the same rest of the flight that everyone else has, but it's always possible you can wiggle some kind of advantage if you can get to the connecting city first. Also, it means not having to travel with Peter. Bonus!

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