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Kuwait Of The World

Meanwhile, Peter and Sarah are already at a travel agency. When they get inside, Peter immediately says that they "need help very quickly." He adds, "A medical emergency. For her leg?" And then he grabs Sarah's leg and lifts it up so that lady can see it from behind the desk. He is all class, that guy. Perhaps he can just start calling her "Tiny Tim." I think the effect would be about the same. Meanwhile, the BQs are now at an agency too, and Dustin is explaining to the guy that in trying to get them tickets, he should say that "it's Miss California and Miss New York that need seats on the plane." The guy behind the counter looks like she just told him that she was the Queen of Pittsburgh. He's like, "Uh-huh. Be quiet." Peter is explaining to his agent, as if she doesn't understand him, how it's important for them to get the earliest possible flight and so forth. His travel agency tells him that he'll be going through Bombay (I know, I know, we'll get there) and arriving at 7:50 AM. This is precisely the same information Dustin is getting, and it means leaving that night at 11:00 PM. When the guy has the tickets lined up, Dustin says, "High five!" She holds up her hand. The guy ignores her, saying "Let me get the... " "I need a high-five right now!" she insists. He asks again to be allowed to finish his work. Heh. I like to think she stood just like that for long minutes, as people stared and she just kept saying, "Right now! Okay, actually right... now! Okay, I get it, you weren't ready. So right... now!"

Peter and Sarah hop on the internet and look up things in Kuwait, I guess, because they find themselves a photo of Kuwait Towers, just like it looks in their video clue. With some help from the locals, they print the page, because apparently, "Kuwait Towers" is too much to keep in your head.

1:42 PM. Pointies. Kimberly's reaction to the Nokia phone is to wonder "What is this thing?" Or else she's talking about the Kuwait Towers. Either seems possible, as I would believe that either gadgetry or architecture could throw her for a loop. They see a cab as they leave the mat, and Rob barks, "English!" Kimberly already has to tell him to calm down. "I am a dramatic person," he interviews. "Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Sometimes I just... speak freely!" It's annoyingly obvious that he is, in fact, totally praising and petting himself. Sometimes he can't be fake! Sometimes he has to keep it real! Wait, that's another horrible affliction! Real-keeping! Boy, this is going to be a long textbook I'm writing here. They get a taxi guy who very tentatively agrees to try to help them find a travel agency. He kind of looks like he just plans to drive into town and hope for the best. That's what you do with the crazy Americans. I would love it if the cab driver took them somewhere, dropped them off, and said, "Sometimes I just drive freely."

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