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Welcome, *wins, you are... team number five! Now they are very, very relieved.

Peter and Sarah conclude that the guy who seemed to be such a godsend has led them to the wrong place. Whoops.

And... here are James and Tyler, and they are seeing the water towers, so unless something really unbelievably ridiculous is about to happen... no, it isn't. Welcome, James and Tyler, you are team number six. "We're still alive!" James says happily.

It is dark when we finally see Peter and Sarah reach the feedlot where the Manual option is. So they were... extremely lost. They were head-in-a-hole-in-the-ground lost. When they do finally get there, they pull a Mercy Clue that tells them to skip the Detour and just go directly to the pit stop. Peter hopes that it's not an elimination round, as if there's any significant possibility of that, but when they land on the mat, the piano music and Phil inform them that they are indeed eliminated. And I will say... I have no problem with her, but based on his intensely annoying personality and the creepy dynamic between them, it's about time. Phil asks Peter what the status of their relationship is, and Peter says that he thinks they make good friends. He says that what with "two hard heads together," it's hard to make a good couple. Sarah, I am pleased to say, shrugs off any attempt at conciliatory talk and punts Peter for the extra point thusly: "I learned a lot about him in these stressful situations. He is a very strong go-getter. But he isn't a very nurturing or very kind individual. I want someone that's driven and strong, but I'm also looking for someone who's caring and compassionate." In an interview, Sarah tells us that she learned a lot about Peter on the race. "He's not the person for me," she says, before we see them walking far apart away from the mat. I cannot imagine what could have taken her this long to figure that out about a guy who couldn't gargle without spitting out his love for himself and his contempt for others, but I'm thrilled to death that not only did she figure it out, but she announced it in front of everyone, which he richly deserved. Jerk.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: More BQ/Karlyn bitchery. The BQs have a car accident. And there is, mercifully, no more Peter.

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