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Kuwait Of The World

The *lyns realize that the *wins have peeled off, so now they're on their own looking for the camel racing.

Rob and Kimberly go to put one of their filled bags on the stack, and it splits open and spills. Oh, bummer. Shockingly, they don't lose their cool, but they just keep on going. See, the Pointies are growing as people. It's nothing but good news! The *wins arrive at the feedlot.

Tyler and James are still lost, and they can only describe themselves as "really, really frustrated." They pull over and ask some guys, none of whom know where the Camel Racing Club is. I don't think anybody knows where this club is except the camels, who are probably not fans.

The BQs hoist their last feedbag (hee hee) on the stack, but they soon learn that the bags aren't full, and they aren't going to count. They all need more in them in order to be finished. So that was... a triumph of non-clue-reading, I think. One of them complains that the guy is being "real picky." I think everyone understood it but you, sweetheart, so I'm not sure you can complain.

Peter and Sarah? Lost. She says to him that she's not sure what she could have done differently. "I don't know how to get there," she says simply. "No kidding you don't know how to get there!" he comes back. She looks unhappily out the window, thinking, "Step One: Erase Peter's number from my cell phone. Step Two: Erase Peter's email address from my Contacts. Oh, wait -- Step One is actually Tell Peter to fuck off. I have to start over."

Rob and Kimberly are the next team to finish up with the feedbags. Because they've filled them adequately, they get their clue to drive 11 miles to the pit stop, which Phil explains... again... is the Al-Sadiq water towers. Rob and Kimberly are happy to be done, and in their car on the way to the pit stop, they're glad to be back in the mix after thinking they were badly behind. Shortly thereafter, the BQs finally finish, so they get out of the Detour ahead of the clearly concerned *wins, who have no way of knowing where any of the teams who headed for the other Detour are.

The *lyns are the first team to successfully find the Camel Racing Club, and good for them. They receive instruction and then tie a robot jockey onto the back of their camel. The way you do this is that you holler into the walkie-talkie, and that makes the robot whap the camel on the side. This camel does not look very happy about the prospect, which is probably not the life path he would have chosen. My favorite part is where Karlyn decides to try the same attitude with the camel that she does with everyone else, so she just tells the camel to "stop with the attitude." Hee.

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