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Kuwait Of The World

Rob and Kimberly, Dustin and Kandice, and the *wins are all sort of near each other, hunting for the marked shop. They're all lost, but then Rob finds it, so he and Kimberly manage to get their clue. He immediately starts hassling her to get the hell out of the shop as soon as possible so that nobody sees them. He is a tiny bit overwound at the moment. The BQs still can't find the stall, but here are Peter and Sarah, who have shown up and found it, so they're ready to go. As they head out, they run into the *wins, and Peter tells Sarah to hide the clue. He tells the *wins they don't have it yet, and says they're just going back to their car because they're illegally parked. I have to say, that struck me as a relatively clever lie, all things considered, for a guy who was put in the position of explaining why he's heading away from the area where everyone thinks the clue is if you don't, in fact, have your clue. Of course, despite the fact that I think it's a relatively good lie, the *wins totally don't go for it, and they quickly find the shop where the clue is. They want to do the ten bags of feed. I am officially more gullible than Erwin and Godwin, and I think that means I need to make sure I don't click on any email links I don't immediately recognize.

The *lyns and the BQs are wandering all over the place trying to find the stall where the clue is. The BQs even get sent upstairs at one point, like Spinal Tap trying to find the stage, and that's definitely not going to solve their problems. As you can imagine, these would be the two teams currently struggling.

Commercials. It's good that Claritin has a lot of confidence that it changes lives. I'm all for self-esteem, even for allergy medications.

When we return, the *lyns and BQs are still trying to find the clue. Finally, the BQs find a guy who directs them to the right spot, and they decide to head for the Manual option. The *lyns, Currently In Last Place, get a clue as well. They want the Automatic. Hey, that's what I'd do. What's better than camels and robots? Nothing, that's what. The *wins, meanwhile, haven't managed to leave yet, and out in the street, they run into their friend the police officer. He does not, however, want to take them to the next place they're going. It's not clear whether he doesn't know or doesn't want to take them, but it's not like you can expect to borrow a police officer for the entire day. He may actually have a few other things he's supposed to do as a police officer in Kuwait City, other than navigating for tourists. The *lyns catch up to the *wins, and the teams decide to go together to look for the Automatic option. That would be the camels, in case you've already forgotten.

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