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Kuwait Of The World

Tyler and James spot the mosque, and then they spot the left turn onto Souk Al-Gharabally. They start to search the stalls for the marked bead shop. Elsewhere, Sarah is not doing as well. "This map sucks," she says unhappily. Peter is bummed that they're having problems after the puzzle went so well. Rob and Kimberly are doing a little better, because Kimberly has spotted "that church." Also known as the mosque. Rob corrects her. She's like, "whatever." Heh. Meanwhile, the *wins get led to the right street, and Peter and Sarah find what they at least hope is it. What you have here is everybody converging on the street where the shop is, and James and Tyler -- who got there first -- are also the first to locate the right shop.

When they get the clue, it's a Detour, and you have to choose between Manual and Automatic. In Manual, you drive yourself to an area where you find a feedlot and fill ten 110-pound bags up to a line. Then they carry them over to a pallet and stack them. In Automatic, you drive yourself to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club, and you attach a robot jockey to a camel. No, really. You see, the way they do the camel races now, they strap on a robot that you run with a remote control, which thwaps the camel with a little strap. Apparently, this is something that was invented because using little children as jockeys didn't go over very well with stick-in-the-mud human-rights types. At any rate, you drive your camel down a course of about 140 yards, and then you're done. Tyler and James decide to "stick with [their] muscles" and do Manual.

By the way, you are correct if you are thinking that approximately one-third of the level of difficulty in this recap is carefully not uniting the words "camel" and "jockey." The show, I would note, does the same.

We now check in with Mary and Dave, looking along Damascus Street for the water towers. Mary sees them, and then we are on the mat with Phil. They run to the mat. Welcome, Mary and Dave. You are team number one! So there will be no penalty for Mary and Dave. They share a hug. Phil congratulates them on overcoming the whole "marked for elimination" thing. They've also won a trip to Jamaica, where they'll get massages and go tubing. They react a little... mildly to this news, but I think they may just be worn out. And, you know, half-burnt from the fire. Mary, of course, happily credits the *wins for making it possible for her and Dave to do the Fast Forward. "Awesome people like you've never met in your life," she says. I have this vision of Mary being all, "Dave, we are moving to Korea! Can you believe how nice Asian people are?"

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