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Karlyn finishes the puzzle, then Kandice, so they're looking for help at just about the same time. Karlyn tells the man she's talking to not to talk to the BQs, who are approaching fast. When the *lyns already have their directions, Karlyn tries to hustle their local off and tell him not to help. She goes so far as to not only push the local guy with a hand on his back (NO), but also push away Dustin with her hand (NO). It's not like it's violent or anything, but it is rude, and it is pretty ridiculous to think that you're going to bodily restrict people from helping other teams when you've already gotten your directions. Bad touch, Karlyn! Predictably, when the *lyns are gone, one of the two guys who was walking along agrees to help out the BQs. Believe it or not, one of the *lyns is muttering "That's not fair," as if once they ask someone for directions, the BQs have to find someone else to ask directions. I think Karlyn is aware of some mysterious intellectual property principle that hasn't made its way to me yet. There is also muttering about how the BQs should "learn to run their own race." As opposed to... asking for directions like babies? It probably goes without saying, but I think "run your own race" would be far more easily applied to not wasting time trying to impede other teams by body-checking the locals. That's just downright silly.

Unfortunately, Dustin is horrifically dumb about what to say and what not to say, and in her car, when referring to how the *lyns were being "big pigs" and "taking all the help when they already have their answer," she refers to them as "the sistas." Which... no. You can't do that. No, not even if they use that name themselves, which I certainly haven't heard them do. I doubt there's anything particularly malicious behind it, but it sounds ugly, and you just... can't. Even if it occurs to you to use this reference, you simply have to hear the word "sistas" coming out of your blonde beauty-queen mouth 15 seconds before it happens, and you have to stop yourself in time to say "the ssssss... single moms."

Erwin is finally finished, so he and Godwin can get going. They waylay a fellow who helps them figure out where they're going. They get extra-lucky when, after getting the name of the street they need to find, they encounter a police officer who is kind enough to take them. Nothing like a police escort. Not only that, but the police escort they have is running his siren the entire time. You know what helps when you're trying to get somewhere? A police officer. With a siren.

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