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Kuwait Of The World

Kimberly can't figure out why she's not having better luck with the puzzle. Tyler is close to finished, as is Sarah. Karlyn and Kandice are working, and Erwin is just getting started.

Dave and Mary and a couple of helpers pick up a shield that's like a piece of a garage door, sort of. "Lord have mercy," Mary mutters as they start to inch toward the fire. Dave voices over that he's kind of always wanted to try firefighting, and this made him briefly feel just like a firefighter. He adds that it feels like you're "somebody important for five minutes." Aw. You be a good dad, Dave, and you're going to be somebody a lot more important than a lot of the rest of these goofs. I don't think you have to feel insignificant compared to random dating couples and buff grad students with water guns. When Dave and Mary are all done, the clue tells them -- as they are "Currently in 1st Place" -- to drive to the pit stop. The pit stop, Phil explains, is located at the Al-Sadiq Water Towers, which totally look like they could be part of a water park in the Wisconsin Dells. Perhaps there are cheese curds. Mary says as they get in the car that she's really happy that they have a good shot at being in first place and avoiding the penalty. It is true that the Fast Forward was a major blessing for them here, and gives it some significance that it wouldn't have had in many other legs.

So Tyler finishes the puzzle, and he and James are kind of like, "Okay! Woo! Finished! Um." Because the puzzle is supposed to reveal a location, and given that it's Arabic writing, it doesn't "reveal" too much to them. They pick up the entire puzzle and carry it over to some guys who are nearby so that they can ask what it says. The guy tells them the name of the street that they need to go to. Phil explains that it's a three-mile drive to Souk Al-Gharabally. There, they have to find a marked bead shop, where the owner will have their clue. Tyler and James get directions to find the street that they're looking for.

Sarah is next to finish the puzzle, and Peter carts it off, with Sarah following, to learn what it says. Rob explains to Kimberly, not too obnoxiously, that another team just got finished. You can tell she feels a lot of pressure. Kandice, Karlyn, and Erwin are still solving. Peter and Sarah get directions that involve turning at the Grand Mosque. Finally, Kimberly finishes with the puzzle. When they get their directions, she's thinking the guy is saying Grand Mask, and he looks amused, though that could be a bit of an editing trick. In the car, she starts telling Rob about turning at Grand Mask, and Rob tells her it's a mosque, dummy. (He doesn't say "dummy," but he thinks it.) They throw in the same "boing-oing-oing" noise that they used for her "homeless cow" thing last week, so somebody who chooses sound effects does not like Kimberly. I think the effect is supposed to be the sound of the springs in her brain failing. Wait, that is a sound effect, right?

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