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Mary and Dave are approaching the FF location, and Mary is smiling a little as she says she expects it to be "the hardest thing [she's] ever experienced in [her] whole life." When they pull over and stop, the guy who greets them says there's "a mission to do now," and he has them follow him. I like it when the locals throw themselves into their roles. They have a mission! An important mission! To approach the pretend fire and get a clue! This is not a game! Well, it's a game, but it's also a mission! An important mission!

Karlyn is done with the ladder, so she can head back down. Erwin, for his part, gives a rundown of his physical symptoms as he prepares to go, from the pounding heart to the tightness in his chest to the sweaty face. Well, the sweaty face is just something I noticed, actually. From the ground, Godwin quietly urges Erwin, via telepathy and muttering, not to "freeze up."

Kimberly continues to struggle with the puzzle. In fairness to her, it's much harder to be the first one, because I think it's obvious that other teams are snooping on each other and seeing how it's done as they go. Tyler, however, seems to have figured out how to incorporate the gold lettering, so he's making progress. Once again, the team of young boys turns out to have a puzzle-solving advantage, which has been the case for quite some time and makes the "alpha male" argument less convincing. As with many of the other "alpha male" teams throughout history, they're getting a lot of advantages from things like solving puzzles, which... it's not a something team of women couldn't do just as well. Kandice joins the puzzle party. Erwin climbs the outside of the building, and it doesn't look like he's struggling that much. I really do think that the fact that the climbing is inside a cage makes it so much easier. "We are not going home today!" Godwin calls up to him. "Yes you are, Chos. Yes you are," Tyler mutters. I don't really approve of that kind of snooty comment, particularly when you direct it at teams that haven't been especially competitive most of the time, but Tyler seems to be playing off the moment more than anything. Erwin finishes and gets his bag, so he's on the way back down, and he's very relieved. In fact, he says he took a minute to "enjoy the view." No! No view! Run, Erwin!

Elsewhere, Mary and Dave are wrapped up in yellow fire-proof suits. "I'm nervous. I'm scared to death," she says. "But... maybe Steven Seagal will see me and want me to be in one of his movies." Oh, Mary. You're so... you're so much the person you are, in a way that simultaneously does and doesn't make sense to me. I like the idea of Mary in a Steven Seagal movie, though. She could be the plain-spoken waitress who helps Seagal after a truck blows up. Dave, on the other hand, is just "ready and excited." One gets the feeling that Dave thinks this is pretty cool.

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