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Previously on How's My Driving? Oh, Okay, Sorry: Peter tried to align with Dustin and Kandice, because the blonde he was already with was such a drag. Lots of airport strategy eventually got the teams to India, where they Detoured with crocodiles and art and Roadblocked with a requirement that they obtain an Indian driver's license. James and Tyler lagged, and they undoubtedly learned something about how to handle it from their long experience with addiction. Dave and Mary fell behind and never recovered, and we learned that the rules had changed, because they did come in last, but they did not get eliminated, but they did get to keep their underwear. It is this kind of suspense that packs the show with drama. What will happen to everyone's unmentionables, and who will be eliminated... next?

Credits. If Sarah punched Peter in the stomach in the credits, that would get the show off to a much merrier start, is my opinion. I would never advocate violence under normal circumstances, but Peter is not an example of "normal circumstances." She has an advantage, because she's shorter than he is, and she could totally land a punch right in his solar plexus before he could do anything about it. He might even throw up. Go, Sarah! [BOMP.]

Commercials. I'm fascinated by the attempt to sell a Survivor clip show as something positive. Special scenes! Great scenes! Scenes so good we didn't bother including them the first time! Don't watch the World Series! This is going to be so good! Maybe Jeff will smirk! More!

"This is Chennai, India," says Phil. "Damn straight," notes a woman going by on a bike. It turns out that Chennai is "also known as The Gateway To South India." To my surprise, Google confirms that this is not something Phil made up. It sounds like something he would make up. I have a feeling he would call my kitchen the gateway to my dining room. Which it is, technically, but I try not to call it that, lest people think I'm pretentious. And at the edge of Chennai is the pit stop, a "grand royal palace" that has been there since 1934. Or, as India would say, "last week." Phil wonders whether Dave and Mary -- "marked for elimination" -- can overcome the effects of their penalty. You will remember that we were told that unless Dave and Mary come in first this week, they'll have to serve a half-hour penalty at the end of the leg.

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