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The Border Patrol, Team Big Brother, and Ralph and Vanessa all arrive at the college at roughly the same time and head out back. Opening the clue, Art reads, "Who's got all the right moves?" JJ tries to give this one to Art, who protests that he did the last dance. After a flashback to the bottle dance in Leg 3, in which Art snarled at JJ, "You owe me!" JJ concedes and agrees to do this Roadblock. Rachel will be taking this for her team, and so will Vanessa, but most people seem more interested in JJ. "I don't know how many males that are federal law-enforcement-oriented also double as quality dancers," Dave remarks a bit gleefully.

Other Rachel comes running out of a changing tent in her cream-colored silk pajamas and her bright-orange scarf to join the group of dancers who are dressed all in orange. As she starts learning the routine from that group's choreographer, Other Rachel interviews that she was in dance from elementary school through high school, but this is her first Bollywood experience. Sounds like a glaring omission from her Midwestern dance educators. Dave says that if he'd picked this, "We'd probably be here for hours," and the choreographer tells other Rachel, "Shake your buttocks." Yeah, Dave doesn't strike me as so much of a buttock-shaker. "At this point in time, I am encountering some difficulty simulating an aftward vibration," he'd tell us.

Rachel comes out of a changing tent wearing a green scarf with her cream PJs, running to join the dancers in green. Not only does she get to be part of a dance crew wearing her team's color, she's very excited about the sequins and glitter everyone's wearing. Vanessa comes out next, sporting a purple scarf, and Ralph tells us she's not a bad dancer. "She's got some Puerto Rican in her," he adds, like that's all he needs to say, as she joins the purple group. Then, finally, here comes JJ in cream-and-teal. I don't know why it took him so long to change, unless it's because all the outfits are the same size and he's easily the biggest person doing this challenge. As he runs out to the field to join the teal-dressed group, Art tell him he's the only dude and thus needs to put on a show. JJ tells his choreographer that he can't dance, but vows to do good [sic]. "This is a great day to have a female partner on your team," Brendon says for the first time ever, as Art cheers JJ, "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon!" Wrong country, dude. People who patrol borders should know what country they're in, don't you think?

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