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Then an Amazing Red Line jinks down from Kilimanjaro to Dar Es Salaam and across the Indian Ocean, while an Amazing Green Line makes a stop in Nairobi to the north before heading east to the subcontinent. Vanessa and Ralph are the only ones on the latter flight, while all other teams are on the former. B-roll of the city of Cochin shows the usual chaos of urban India, which we don't even need to see any more at this point, and the first flight lands with Vanessa and Ralph, who take a leisurely stroll to in information desk to ask for a bus schedule. They're still there when the other teams show up. "Aargh, there goes our lead," Vanessa groans. "Our little dose of luck just stopped." Yeah, if you're in front, you still have to hurry, because the teams behind you will be moving quickly to catch you. As you should know, from all your time in the back of the pack. Everyone takes what looks like a short walk to the bus station, but Other Rachel and Dave are the only team to make it onto the first bus to Thevara. Team Big Brother and the Border Patrol get on the second bus, and Vanessa and Ralph make the third bus. Clearly there's a bus leaving every minute or something. Bopper and Mark are keeping it down to a walk to save Bopper's knee, so they miss all of them. And thus do they go from first to last in record time.

Cut to the other teams on buses that are like amusement park rides, with constant honking and passing at high speed through holes in traffic that didn't previously seem to exist. In India, every bus is the Knight Bus. Finally Team Kentucky gets on a bus, and Mark claims a window seat, due to the motion sickness that's been an issue for him since the first leg. We get a flashback to him throwing up on the way to LAX right at the very beginning and everything.

Must be a short ride to Sacred Heart College, because Other Rachel and Dave are already there. Out on a wide soccer field (excuse me, football pitch) backing up to palm trees on the edge of the water -- which will later turn out to be the Arabian Sea -- they find several squads of brightly dressed dancers waiting. When they open the clue, it's a Roadblock. Phil interjects to say, "India's film industry is known as Bollywood, producing more films than any other country in the world." Over shots from a few of them, we can take a moment to notice that he said "more" and not "better."

Hopping up onto an outdoor stage to join a couple of dancers, Phil explains that the Roadblock requires racers to "Work on the set of a Bollywood movie and learn a dance routine." This is a pretty spare set, I have to say. Not a key grip in sight. But after learning the dance, they'll "join a group of thirty extras and perform it for a Bollywood director." The lead choreographer will judge their performance and hand them their next clue when he's satisfied that they've got the steps down. Dave nominates Other Rachel for this one, saying she was a "high school dance phenomenon." Of the five choreographers waiting, each of them holding a costume to lend to a racer, Other Rachel picks the one holding something in bright orange. "Thank God that alluded to dancing and I didn't inadvertently select it," Dave says, as always making a casual remark that sounds like it should be preceded by the words "This is your captain speaking."

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