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They read the clue sending them to the Indian Coffee House and run to the tent. "Let's get you some clothes on, brother!" Bopper says. The rest of their leg is shown in the style of a farewell montage, as Bopper says the race has challenged both of them, and that they're the underdogs. Bopper drives the slalom course, his leg holding up well enough for him to operate all three pedals, and we see misty water-colored flashbacks from earlier in the race: Mark skydiving, the two of them jumping with the Masai, Bopper showing his remaining teeth to the camera, Mark finishing the bottle dance in the third leg. Bopper continues, "We've given it 150% at everything we've ever done, so we can hold our heads up high with that. I'd have never been given this opportunity in my life if it hadn't been for the race, you know."

Finally they make it to the Pit Stop, where the greeter looks on sympathetically as Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive. They're just honored to be there. And besides, there's always the share of Art and JJ's prize from the last time Team Kentucky brought up the rear. Good thing they never pissed JJ off. Bopper says they never even thought they'd be in India, but here they are in the ninth leg. Yeah, India usually does come earlier. Mark talks about how he finally did it with the help of people backing him, and Bopper chokes up about Mark: "Everybody could use some extra money, but you can't replace this guy."

After a pause, Phil grimly blurts, "You're gonna have to muster your strength, because this is a non-elimination leg and you are still in The Amazing Race." Not surprising, not only due to the pacing of the race but also because they were sent to do the Detour instead of straight to the mat, like we've seen with other roadkill teams on previous seasons. "This is the second time you've managed to escape elimination," Phil reminds them. And how dumb would they feel if they'd had to take the penalty for quitting the Roadblock? That way they'd only have six hours to spend at the next airport or train station or bus terminal instead of ten. Phil reminds them about the Speed Bump they'll face in the next leg, but they've done that before, too. "We're gonna give it everything that we got in our heart and soul," Mark promises. Bopper says in a post-leg interview that they're going to stay in it until the final three. "Somebody's gonna have to fight the Kentucky boys for the million-dollar prize on the way home." And that somebody is in big trouble, unless they can still run and/or ride in the back of a motorized vehicle of any kind.

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