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Ralph has the steering yoke pegged as he inches around the last slalom flag, and now that they're finished, they get to head to the Pit Stop in fourth place. They're finally getting a chance to show us a talent of theirs that's mostly been hidden the whole race: getting passed.

The choreographer tells Mark to relax, and he says, "If it weren't for my kids, I'd quit right now, 'cause it's killing me." I'm sure they'll be grateful. Bopper says he would have tried it himself if he'd known it would be this bad. Yes, but then his kneecap would have flown out and brained Mark, so they'd both be down. Mark fails his ninth, tenth, and eleventh attempts, and worse, is showing no signs of improvement. After that, Mark sits in front of an electric fan near the stage while Bopper crouches in front of him, saying it's time to go home. "We might be able to catch up, man," Mark says with bleary-eyed optimism. "I can do it, man, I'm just sick." Well, he's half right. Bopper says Mark can't give any more, and that they've done their best. "We come here friends were gonna leave here friends, Blood, that's it," Bopper says. "You got Mark, Kaysha, and Tori to think of. If you have a heatstroke, what can you do for 'em?" Mark insists he's thatclose. Well, maybe if he times his collapse just right on the stage he'll get some points for style.

Brendon and Rachel get to the Pit Stop as team number two, and are pretty happy about it, but this story is no longer about the other teams and hasn't been for a while. Back at the Roadblock, where the actual episode is continuing to happen, Mark sits with his head in his hands. He interviews that he reevaluated what was important in his life, namely his kids. "It got very, very, very emotional." Bopper supportively rubs Mark's head, and Mark tearfully decides, "I got three kids I gotta raise. I'm going home. Is that all right?" Isn't that what Bopper's been saying, Blood? In other words, he's done. He interviews, "Is a million dollars worth not walking my kids down the aisle? Is a million dollars worth not being able to go to my young-uns' ball games? And I just come to the conclusion that it wasn't." He heads back to the changing tent and into his third out of three commercial breaks. I think we've all just learned a very important lesson, and it's this: there are parts of the country where people still say "young-uns."

But Mark's choreographer has followed him there, trying to get him to give it just one more try. Are the instructors on commission or something? Mark is resolute, saying he's going back to his kids, while. Bopper looks on tearfully.

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